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Beverly Carradine, Reverend (1848-1931) a Methodist minister, was a leading evangelized for the holiness movement. [1] He was a productive author, writing primarily on the subject of sanctification.[2]


Life and work

Born April 4, 1842, in Yazoo County, Mississippi, he moved with his family the Yazoo City in 1852. He served with the Confederate Army for the last five months of the Civil War. Educated at the University of Mississippi, he was ordained a Methodist elder in 1878. He served in parsonages in New Orleans and Mississippi. [3]

Carradine wrote 26 books[4] which primarily advanced his religious beliefs. Several of his books were centered on the concept of sanctification. He also wrote about his opposition to the Louisiana lottery making an analogy between it and slavery.[5]

Although a prolific author, Carradine wrote little about himself. He was married in 1869 to Laura Green Reed.[citation needed] Laura died in 1882 at the age of 30.[citation needed] He was remarried in 1883 or 1884 to Modesta Burke.[citation needed] He had several children with each of his wives, but it is unclear which and how many of his children lived to adulthood. His son, William, was the father of actor John Carradine,[6] and the grandfather of actors David, Keith and Robert Carradine.[7] Beverly Carradine died April 22, 1931.[8]


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