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The Bezirksoberligas are the sixth tier of the German football league system in the state of Niedersachsen. The Bezirksoberligas also exist or existed in other states of Germany, but as a lower tier of the league system.

The term Bezirksoberliga could loosely be translated as Province Premier League, a Regierungsbezirk being somewhat equal to a Province.




In Niedersachsen

With the introduction of the 3rd Liga and the disbanding of the Oberliga Nord in 2008, the two Verbandsligas in Niedersachsen became the highest amateur leagues for the state. Accordingly, the two leagues were renamed to Oberliga, their new names being:

Below the two former Verbandsligas, the four existing Bezirksoberligas now became the sixth tier of the league system:

League Promotion to Relegation to Formed
Bezirksoberliga Braunschweig Oberliga Niedersachsen-Ost Bezirksliga Braunschweig 1, Bezirksliga Braunschweig 2, Bezirksliga Braunschweig 3, Bezirksliga Braunschweig 4 2006
Bezirksoberliga Hannover Oberliga Niedersachsen-West Bezirksliga Hannover 1, Bezirksliga Hannover 2, Bezirksliga Hannover 3, Bezirksliga Hannover 4 2006
Bezirksoberliga Lüneburg Oberliga Niedersachsen-Ost Bezirksliga Lüneburg 1, Bezirksliga Lüneburg 2, Bezirksliga Lüneburg 3, Bezirksliga Lüneburg 4 2006
Bezirksoberliga Weser-Ems Oberliga Niedersachsen-West Bezirksliga Weser-Ems 1, Bezirksliga Weser-Ems 2, Bezirksliga Weser-Ems 3, Bezirksliga Weser-Ems 4, Bezirksliga Weser-Ems 5 2006

Source:"The Bezirksoberligas of Niedersachsen". Retrieved 2008-07-22. 

These four leagues are the only Bezirksoberligas in Germany to currently be set at this level.

In Bavaria

In the state of Bavaria, seven Bezirksoberligas were introduced in 1988, each covering one of the seven Regierungsbezirke, these leagues being:

These seven leagues form the seventh tier of the German league system in Bavaria, below the three Bavarian Landesligas.

In Hesse

In the state of Hesse, the previously existing Bezirksoberligas have been renamed to Gruppenligas as of 2008.

In Schleswig-Holstein

In the state of Schleswig-Holstein, the Landesligas were renamed to Bezirksoberligas in 1999. In 2008, the Bezirksoberligas were then renamed to Verbandsligas. Currently, there are no Bezirksoberligas in the state any more.

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