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Main vihara (Prayer hall) of the Bhaje caves

Bhaja Caves are a group of 18 rock-cut caves dating back to 200 BC located at Karli, near Lonavala, Maharashtra. The location of Bhaja caves is not far from location of Karla Caves and these are stylistically similar to the Karla Caves. These caves are on a major trade route of the past that ran from the Arabian Sea eastward into the Deccan region, the division between North India and South India.[1].



Entrance to the caves

The Bhaja caves share the same set of architectural designs as Karla caves. Of the 18 caves, Viharas make up ten caves and one is a chaitya. There are 14 stupas, five inside and nine outside the caves. One of the caves has some fine sculptures. Near the last cave is a waterfall which, during the monsoon season, has water that falls into a small pool at the bottom.[2]

Some of the smaller caves by the side of the main hall

The chaitrya has unique reliefs of Indian mythology. Other caves have a nave and aisle, with an apse containing a solid stupa and the aisle circling round the apse, providing the circumambulation path.[3]

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