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The Holy Bible, King James (Authorized) Version (1611)
Information about this edition

This version of the Bible is known as the King James Version, or Authorized Version.

The text was printed in blackletter. Words not found in the original languages were represented with small italicized Roman type, and these italics have been preserved in this transcription. Marginal notes which appeared on either side of the printed text appear along the right margin of the transcribed text.

For additional typographic notes and important copyright information, please refer to the edition information link which appears at right and on each page of this text.

Title pages

The Holy Bible,

Conteyning the Old Teſtament,
and the New:

Newly Tranſlated out of the Originall tongues: & with the former Tranſlations diligently compared and reuiſed,
by his Maiesties ſpeciall Comandement.

Appointed to be read in Churches.

Imprinted at London by Robert Barker,
Printer to the Kings moſt Excellent Maiestie.

Anno Dom. 1611.

Title page

The Newe
Teſtament of
our Lord and Sauiour
Iesvs Christ.

¶ Newly Tranſlated out of the Originall Greeke: and with the former Tranſlations diligently compared and reuiſed, by his Maieſties ſpeciall Commandement.

at London by Robert Barker,
Printer to the Kings moſt Excellent Maieſtie.

Anno Dom. 1611.


¶ The names and order of all the Bookes of the Olde and New Teſtament, with the Number of their Chapters.


The Bookes of the Olde Teſtament

Geneſis hath Chapters 50 Eccleſiaſtes hath Chapters 12
Exodus 40 The ſong of Solomon 8
Leuiticus 27 Iſaiah 66
Numbers 36 Ieremiah 52
Deuteronomie 34 Lamentations 5
Ioſhua 24 Ezekiel 48
Iudges 21 Daniel 12
Ruth 4 Hoſea 14
1. Samuel 31 Ioel 3
2. Samuel 24 Amos 9
1. Kings 22 Obadiah 1
2. Kings 25 Ionah 4
1. Chronicles 29 Micah 7
2. Chronicles 36 Nahum 5
Ezrah 10 Habakkuk 3
Nehemiah 13 Zephaniah 3
Eſter 10 Haggai 2
Iob 42 Zechariah 14
Pſalmes 150 Malachi 4
Prouerbs 31

The Bookes called Apocrypha

1. Eſdras hath Chapters 9 Baruch with the Epiſtle of Ieremiah 6
2. Eſdras 16 The ſong of the three children.
Tobit 14 The ſtory of Suſanna.
Iudeth 16 The idole Bel and the Dragon.
The reſt of Eſther 6 The prayer of Manaſſeh.
Wiſedome 19 1. Maccabees 16
Eccleſiaſticus 51 2. Maccabees 15

The Bookes of the New Teſtament

Matthew hath Chapters 28 1. Timotheus hath Chapters 6
Marke 16 2. Timotheus 4
Luke 24 Titus 3
Iohn 21 Philemon 1
The Aƈtes 26 To the Hebrewes 13
The Epiſtle to the Romanes 16 The Epiſtle of Iames 5
1. Corinthians 16 1. Peter 5
2. Corinthians 13 2. Peter 3
Galatians 6 1. Iohn 5
Epheſians 6 2. Iohn 1
Philippians 4 3. Iohn 1
Coloſsians 4 Iude 1
1. Theſſalonians 5 Reuelation 22
2. Theſſalonians 3


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