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Bibleman is an American video series with an evangelical superhero character (originally played by Willie Aames). The series includes videos, books and live shows, where they tour locations around North America.


Major Characters

  • Miles Peterson/Bibleman: A wealthy businessman who found purpose when he found a Bible in the rain and saw the power of God. Becomes Bibleman by donning a high-tech suit of armor based on the book of Ephesians, he also wields a lightsaber like sword (representing the Sword of the Spirit). Played by Willie Aames.
  • Coats: A soldier/inventor. Bibleman's original sidekick. Played by Marc Wayne.
  • Cypher: The brains of the team, he joined after Coats left. His real name is KT (short for Kerry Turner). Played by Brady Williams.
  • Biblegirl: A struggling actress who joins the team after she helps in a battle with Luxor. Her real name is Lia Martinez, but they stopped calling her that when she was replaced by another actress in the episode Jesus Our Savior. Originally played by Tracy Henao, Biblegirl was later replaced by Heather Hazelwood McSmith (only a tongue-in-cheek joke is given to explain the change; "I feel like a whole different person."). In the episode Crushing The Conspiracy Of The Cheater, she was referred to as "Lia" again since the heroes now had name tags.
  • Josh Carpenter/Bibleman: The new Bibleman, takes over when Miles retires in A Fight For Faith. The new Bibleman is played by Robert T. Schlipp.
  • Mel/Melody O'Shea: A new superhero who joined the Bible Adventure Team in Terminating the Toxic Tonic of Disrespect. Played by Lindsay Lewis
  • U.N.I.C.E.: Universal Networking Intelligence Computing Entity. Bibleman's supercomputer. She was voiced by Maylo Upton and later Lisa Kent.
  • Luxor Spawndroth: Bibleman's archenemy. He adopts numerous guises representing various sins (Shadow of Doubt, Master of Misery, Dr. Fear, El Furioso, and the Prince of Pride). Often, they poke fun at the fact that they are all the same actor. Played by Brian Lemmons.
  • Ludicrous: Luxor's annoying sidekick. Played by several different actors.
  • Andy & Anthony Stonecrop: Brothers who influence kids to rebel against God.
  • Primordious Drool/Wacky Protestor/Rotten Guy: As Primordious, he made a plan to make people to rely on Bibleman rather than God so he could destroy Christians' faith. As Wacky Protestor, he's a nerdy villain who uses technology to fight BIbleman and influnce kids into rebellion and faithlessness. HIs powers are shooting energy bolts made out of hybrid chemicals. He was breifly known as Rotten Guy (prounounced Ro-Ton-Gee) in Fight for Faith. He is played by Jef Scott.
  • L.U.C.I.: Link to Underhanded Computer Influences. The villains' supercomputer. Maylo Upton and Lisa Kent, the voice actors for UNICE voiced her.
  • Dr. Decepto: The first ever opponent of Bibleman. (This character only appears in a brief flashback.) And he fights Bibleman with a sword.
  • Fibbler: A yellow skinned villain who influences kids to lie to get out of trouble.
  • Madame Glitz: An evil woman whose bodyguard is a huge thug.
  • Gossip Queen: Played by Maylo Upton: a talkative villain who fires beams of bitterness from her hands. Her assisants are Loose Lips and Blabber Mouth.
  • Professor E. Meredith Snortinskoff: A green-skinned mad scientist who's in charge of Snortinskoff Industries and makes kids disrespect their authorities. His henchman is Stench. This mad scientist is played by Steven Sandsford.
  • 2Kul 4Skul: A gray-skinned villain who runs WBIG (What's Bad is Good) to block the gospel from reaching the kids. He is played by Jeff Durham.
  • I.M. Wonderful: a vain woman who wears a gold mask and a cape. She was played by two actors, which one of them is Lisa Kent.
  • Cheater: The Cheater is a villain who influences kids to cheat. His tools are his belittler and his flying cards. He is played Peter Vann.
  • Slacker: This senior villain makes kids lazy with his Lazers of Laziness. He carries a staff and goons to support him in battle. He is played by Josh Childs.
  • Super Pro Gamemaster 2: a cyborg who could control machines. He appeared in Lambasting the Legions of Laziness and made two flasbacks in the next two episodes. He is played by Henry Haggard.
  • Super Pro Gamemaster 3: This robotic leader of the Evildoers Club was Super Pro Gamemaster 2's sucessor. He has powers similar to his preceesor and invented the videogame, "Big Bad Bully". He is played by Eric Pasto-Crosby.
  • Baron Ulysses Tantamont von Braggart: a sherrif like pig villain with a golden head cap who lives in a castle. His weapons are his electric staff that he battles Bibleman with, and his electric chair that he tries to shoot Bibleman and Cypher with.



Series One (Genesis)


  • Big Big Book! (no longer available)
  • Back to School (no longer available)
  • The Six Lies of the Fibbler
  • Silencing the Gossip Queen



  • Defeating the Shadow of Doubt


  • The Fiendish Works of Dr. Fear
  • The Incredible Force of Joy


  • Conquering the Wrath of Rage
  • Shattering the Prince of Pride
  • Conquering the Wrath of Rage: Live


  • Breaking the Bonds of Disobedience
  • Lead us Not Into Temptation
  • Breaking the Bonds of Disobedience: Live 2001


  • Jesus, Our Savior (Part 1)
  • Jesus, our savior (Part 2)
  • Jesus, Our Savior (Part 3)


  • A Light in the Darkness (Part 1)
  • A Light in the Darkness (Part 2)


  • Divided We Fall
  • A Fight for Faith


  • A Fight for Faith: Live 2005


All Bibleman episodes are reproduced by Tommy Nelson with a new cover design. Both parts of 2002's Jesus, Our Savior parts are combined making it the first full-length Bibleman episode.

Series Two (PowerSource)

  • Terminating the Toxic Tonic of Disrespect
  • Tuning Out the Unholy Hero
  • Crushing the Conspiracy of the Cheater
  • Lambasting the Legions of Laziness
  • Blasting the Big Gamemaster Bully
  • In the Presence of Enemies
  • Combating The Commandant of Confusion A Bibleman Live Adventure

Bibleman Jr. Series

  • Thankful for Jesus
  • God Loves Everyone
  • God Loves to Laugh
  • God's Beautiful World


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