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Bifidobacterium adolescentis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Actinobacteria
Class: Actinobacteria
Subclass: Actinobacteridae
Order: Bifidobacteriales
Family: Bifidobacteriaceae
Genus: Bifidobacterium
Orla-Jensen 1924

B. adolescentis
B. angulatum
B. animalis
B. asteroides
B. bifidum
B. boum
B. breve
B. catenulatum
B. choerinum
B. coryneforme
B. cuniculi
B. denticolens
B. dentium
B. gallicum
B. gallinarum
B. indicum
B. infantis
B. inopinatum
B. lactis
B. longum
B. magnum
B. merycicum
B. minimum
B. pseudocatenulatum
B. pseudolongum
B. pullorum
B. ruminantium
B. saeculare
B. subtile
B. suis
B. thermacidophilum
B. thermophilum

Bifidobacterium is a genus of Gram-positive, non-motile, often branched anaerobic bacteria inhabiting the Gastrointestinal tract and Vagina[1]. Bifidobacteria are one of the major genera of bacteria that make up the gut flora, the bacteria that reside in the colon. Bifidobacteria aid in digestion, are associated with a lower incidence of allergies [2] and also prevent some forms of tumor growth [3]. Some bifidobacteria are used as probiotics.

Before the 1960s, Bifidobacterium species were collectively referred to as "Lactobacillus bifidus".

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Bifidobacterium adolescentis


New Latin, from Latin bifidus (divided into two parts) + bacterium

Proper noun


  1. A genus of Gram-positive, non-motile, often branched anaerobic bacteria are among gut flora.

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Main Page
Superregnum: Bacteria
Regnum: Bacteria
Phylum: Actinobacteria
Classis: Actinobacteria
Subclassis: Actinobacteridae
Ordo: Bifidobacteriales
Familia: Bifidobacteriaceae
Genus: Bifidobacterium
Species: B. adolescentis - B. angulatum - B. animalis - B. asteroides - B. bifidum - B. boum - B. breve - B. catenulatum - B. choerinum - B. coryneforme - B. cuniculi - B. dentium - B. gallicum - B. gallinarum - B. indicum - B. longum - B. magnum - B. merycicum - B. minimum - B. pseudocatenulatum - B. pseudolongum - B. psychraerophilum - B. pullorum - B. ruminantium - B. saeculare - B. scardovii - B. subtile - B. thermacidophilum - B. thermophilum - B. tsurumiense


Bifidobacterium Orla-Jensen, 1924


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