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Big hair is a term that can refer to hairstyles that emphasize large volume or largely styled hair. Big hair was popular in the 1980s. The term is also used in the punk, glam, goth and alternative cultures and is particularly associated with fashion of the 1980s, or inspired by the period.

Less commonly, big hair can refer to any style that incorporates a great deal of height and/or volume.


History of big hair

Big hair has been a cultural trend and fashion icon throughout the span of centuries. Big hair can be achieved by the use of Wigs, hair tools or hair products.

King Louis XIV wearing a wig, dated 1701.

Wigs were popular in high society from the mid-17th to the late-18th centuries. Royalty, judges and high level officials wore wigs. Aristocrats were also known for wearing wigs as wigs were expensive during those times and needed maintenance. Powdered wigs were also worn, starting from the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. In the first half of the 17th century, especially in France, men of all classes wore their hair long and preferably curled. When Louis XIV of France started compensating for his receding hairline with long, curly wigs around the mid-1600s, they became fashionable amongst the aristocracy and further developed in colour and style over the next 150 years. Women started to embrace elaborate powdered wigs in the 18th century as well, and the excesses of these hairstyles, sometimes even carrying miniature constructions (such as boats, and castles, executed in expensive materials such as gems, precious metals and silks), were a favourite subject among caricaturists at the time.


Depending on the specific style, hairstyles in the big hair categories may require a number of styling, cutting, or treatment techniques. Styling of punk and alternative big hair styles often requires backcombing (teasing) and the liberal application of styling aids such as hair spray and hair gel, often in combination with the use of hair dryers. Crimping irons, perms, hair rollers, or other techniques may also be required.


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