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Biko 3
Developer(s) Illusion
Publisher(s) Illusion
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) January 30, 2004
Genre(s) Eroge and Life simulation game
Mode(s) Single player
Media DVD
System requirements 98SE/2000/XP/ME 1.0GHz Processor, 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended), 32 MB DirectX 8.1-compatible video card, DirectSound-compatible soundcard, DVD-ROM
Input methods Keyboard, Mouse

Biko 3 (尾行3 ?) is the third game in the hentai/eroge game series Biko produced by Illusion.


Basic Plot

There are five storylines based around five different female characters. The player's job as the male avatar is to stalk them without being detected through a 3-D environment. Each storyline has a "Love" ending in which the avatar meets the character at the end and they make love; a "Rape" ending in which the avatar abducts the female character and forces himself on her; and an extra voyeur scene that can be found in a particular part of the storyline. To achieve the "Love" and "Rape" endings requires the player to find objects throughout the game.


Katori: The protagonist.

Rin: Rin is a brunette schoolgirl clad in a green jacket and a blue tartan skirt.

Reiko: Reiko is a redhaired nurse in a blue sweater and black skirt.

Chris: Chris is a blonde stealth ninja character in a skintight costume.

Mayu: Mayu is a fast food waitress who wears her uniform throughout the game. She also appears in Cap Raper, an expansion to Battle Raper 2.

Mio: Mio is a miko in a white kimono shirt and red hakama with a sword.

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Biko 3

Developer(s) Illusion Soft
Publisher(s) Illusion Soft
Release date January 30, 2004
Genre Simulation
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) 18+
Platform(s) PC
Media 2x CDs
Input keyboard, mouse
System requirements 98SE/2000/XP/ME 1.0GHz Processor, 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended), 32 MB DirectX 8.1-compatible video card, DirectSound-compatible soundcard, DVD-ROM Drive
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Biko 3 (尾行3 in Japanese) is the third game in Biko game series produced by Illusion.

Biko 3 is a 3D stalking/sex simulator computer game released only in Japan on January 30 2004. The game features an improved engine which the texture of the characters are modeled to be realistic. The game is centered on a male character, who stalks five different women. Although notably including inappropriate content, this game only received minor controversy compared with Illusion Softs Rapelay.



The player choses one of the five episodes and is given a background information on the situations and the character, as well as the thoughts from the protagonist point of view. After the opening scene the player stealthy stalks the character though a series of 3D neighborhoods.

The player can interact with the surrounding objects, such as hiding inside rubbish bins; hiding down manholes; and jumping over walls to remove himself out of view of the victims. Certain elements such as cans, dogs and crows makes a noise when the player approaches which alerts the female character and if seen, the game is over. Running past police officers and being hit by cars also fails the mission.

Towards the end of the episode, The Love or Rape scenes can be unlocked if the play picked up Good, Evil or special 'H' items throughout the environment, some are obvious and cannot be missed but others are hidden and stray away from the route the female character is taking. Different sex positions are available for each scene and depending on the hidden items the player picks up, unlocks different situations.

User interface

The interface of Biko 3 in the sex scenes are mostly the same as other Illusion Soft games, which uses the click and drag of the boxes, but sometimes are required to move the mouse more than to one box to another. This can be identified by colour of the boxes and the dotted line between them.

Another notable feature in Biko 3 is the thoughts of the female characters. While in the sex scenes the character sometimes has thoughts of what is happening. This is presented by a separate popup which is a close up view of that character face and a voice is heard. These thoughts can be either of desperation and wanting to escape in the Rape scenes, or of nervousness and comfort from the gentle Love ending. The animation of these thoughts can be disabled via the options menu.


Kuwahara Rin


Occupation: High school librarian

Age: Under 18

Rin is a quiet and shy girl who is the first character encountered in Biko 3. She meets the player and is seen to help him find some books and advise him for his Collage reports.

Ayase Reiko


Occupation: Pharmacist

Chris Ray


Occupation: Cybernetically Enhanced Assassin

Huzikawa Mayu


Occupation: Fast food waitress

Age: 15-17

One of the young and cheerful characters, she has a temporary job at a fictional restaurant called Bell Bottom. The protagonist seems to be familiar with her as he orders 'the usual' upon visiting her in the opening scene, also she calls the main character 'Onii-san' (polite form for older brother) though out the game.

Mayu is also seen in the later release from Illusion Soft called CapRaper, a bonus add on feature for Battle Raper 2.

Kagura Mio


Occupation: Shinto Priestess


The game did not receive good reviews outside of Japan, most of them stating that they are "too easy" "unpleasant" and "deplorable" and should be illegal, because of the rape and severity of the situations. Biko 3 received some controversy which are similar to Illusion Softs Rapelay which involves similar situations.

Graphically, Biko 3 received good reviews saying that the character design and the animation are "surprising good" in certain areas, such as the tears from the characters eyes and the realistic texturing of their skin, but the environment of the levels was not well received.



  • Left Click (hold to sustain) = Run
  • Left Doubleclick (hold second click to sustain) = Walk
  • Right Click (hold to sustain) = Move backwards
  • Right Doubleclick = Duck/Stand
  • Z = Action
  • C = Take Photo
  • F1 = Options Menu
  • F5 = First Person View

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