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Bilat Ferat
Directed by N.C. Lahiri
Produced by Dhirendra Nath Ganguly
Starring Dhirendranath Ganguly
Manmatha Pal
Kunjalal Chakraborty
Nripen Bose
Nitish Lahiri
Cinematography Jyotish Sarkar
Release date(s) 1921
Country India India
Language Silent film
Bengali intertitles

Bilat Ferat is a 1921 Bengali silent film directed by N.C. Lahiri and produced by Dhirendra Nath Ganguly. It is one of the earliest Bengali feature film. It is the first Indian feature film having intimate kissing-smooching scenes. It was a silent love-story (comedy included), which became a great hit. This film started a never-ending trail of love and romance stories in Indian movies. The Indian filmmakers incorporated in this film realistic love scenes, with kisses aplenty, as was the norm followed by their British and American counterparts. However, the Indian masses, while enjoying the British and American films, were certainly not comfortable with the forward Indian heroine and considered the stark depiction of passion as wayward. Dhirendra Nath Ganguli, the deputy collector of barisal, produced this film and himself acted in it.

Bilat Ferat means "Foreign Returned" and foreign generally meant England at that time.

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