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Bilbo can refer to:

  • Bilbo Baggins, protagonist of The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien.
  • 'Bilbo' is the Basque name for Bilbao, the major city in the Basque Country of northern Spain.
  • Bilboes, tools of judicial punishment.
  • Bilbo (sword), a type of sword, thought to be named after the Spanish city, Bilbao.
  • Bilbo (band), the name Fionn Regan used for an early album.

Real people / animals

  • Bilbo, an American Indian tribe.
  • Mark K. Bilbo, an American author of technical support books and reference guides.
  • Theodore G. Bilbo, a politician who upheld racial segregation and became Senator for the State of Mississippi.
  • Damarius Bilbo, an American football player
  • (Dog) Bilbo, the UK's first fully qualified canine lifeguard, or, 'lifedog' from Sennen Cove, Cornwall, UK.

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  1. A rare surname.
  2. A character in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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  1. Bilbao (major city in the Basque Country of northern Spain)

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