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Bilfinger Berger AG
Type Aktiengesellschaft (FWB: GBFG)
Founded 1880
Headquarters Mannheim, Germany
Key people Herbert Bodner
Industry Construction, Civil engineering
Revenue 9,757.1 million (2008)[1]
Operating income 298.1 million (2008)[1]
Net income 200.4 million (2008)[1]
Employees 60,923 (2008)

Bilfinger Berger (FWB: GBFG) is a large, internationally active construction company based in Mannheim, Germany.



Bilfinger Berger dates back to 1880 when August Bernatz founded an engineering business which became known, from 1886 as Bernatz & Grün and, from 1892, as Grün & Bilfinger[2].

In 1970 Grün & Bilfinger acquired a majority stake in Julius Berger-Bauboag AG, itself a merger of two companies, Julius Berger Tiefbau AG and Berlinische Boden-Gesellschaft AG, both founded in 1890. The combined business took the name Bilfinger & Berger Bauaktiengesellschaft[2].

In 2001 the business changed its name to Bilfinger Berger AG[2].

Head office in Mannheim

Global presence

The global presence of the Bilfinger Berger Group spans five continents with operations in Europe, United States, South East Asia, Africa and Australia.


Bilfinger Berger Australia (BBA) was established in 2004 as the holding company of BBAG’s investments in Australia. The BBA consists of three operating companies:

  • Abigroup
  • Baulderstone
  • Bilfinger Berger Services

In November 2009 the BBAG announced that it is considering floating BBA on the Australian Securities Exchange via an initial public offering (IPO). [3]

Business organisation

Civil engineering

  • Bilfinger Berger Ingenieurbau
  • Bilfinger Berger Umwelttechnik
  • Bilfinger Berger Verkehrswegebau
  • Hydrobudowa (PL)
  • Razel (FRA)
  • ABI Group (AU)
  • Baulderstone (AU)

Building construction

  • Bilfinger Berger Hochbau

Business Services

  • Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services (formerly Rheinhold & Mahla AG)
  • Bilfinger Berger Facility Services (formerly HSG)
  • Bilfinger Berger Power Services (formerly Babcock Borsig AG)
  • Bilfinger Berger Services (AU)


  • Bilfinger Berger Project Investments

Major projects

Major projects have included the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen completed in 1919[4], the Busch Memorial Stadium completed in 1966[4], the Munich Olympic Stadium completed in 1972[4], the Sydney Opera House completed in 1973[4], the Dresdner Bank Tower completed in 1978[4], the Oymapinar Dam in Turkey completed 1984[4], the Mỹ Thuận Bridge in Vietnam completed in 2000[4], the Puente Centenario over the Panama Canal, completed in 2004,[5], the Svinesund Bridge between Sweden and Norway completed in 2005[6] and the Golden Ears Bridge near Vancouver in Canada completed in June 2009[7].

Bilfinger Berger is currently involved in the construction of Edinburgh's tram project, which is two years behind schedule. It has been reported that relations between the Transport Initiative Edinburgh (TIE) and Bilfinger Berger have soured, and that the contract between the two is close to being ended. Bilfinger Berger is contractually prevented from commenting on the case.[8]

In 2010, the company came under strong pressure in Germany, where large amounts of steel reinforcements intended for newly constructed subway tunnels in Cologne have not been placed correctly, but were misappropriated and sold instead.[9]

The company is also working the Gotthard Base Tunnel which is expected to complete in 2015.[10]


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  • Bernhard Stier and Martin Krauß: Drei Wurzeln – ein Unternehmen. 125 Jahre Bilfinger Berger AG. ISBN 3-89735-411-X.


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