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Biliary fistula
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Duodeno Biliary Fistula
ICD-10 K83.3
ICD-9 576.4
MeSH D001658

A biliary fistula is a type of fistula where bile leaks from the bile ducts into outside areas.


It can occur as a complication following biliary trauma (such as cholelithiasis),[1] either iatrogenic or a result of a penetrating injury.


Pain may occur if the leaked bile is also infected, which can subsequently lead to biliary peritonitis.

Extensive ascites may accumulate, especially in the setting of sterile bile leakage, which is often asymptomatic in nature.


  1. ^ Duzgun, AP; Ozmen; Ozer; Coskun (2007). "Internal biliary fistula due to cholelithiasis: a single-centre experience". World journal of gastroenterology : WJG 13 (34): 4606–9. PMID 17729415.   edit


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