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Bill Me Later Inc.
Type Subsidiary of PayPal
Founded Timonum, MD USA (2000)
Headquarters United States Timonium, Maryland USA
Parent PayPal
Advertising none
Current status active

Bill Me Later (formerly known as I4 Commerce[1]) is a payment method offered on the websites of many well-known merchants, including those of Wal-Mart, USPS,, American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Jewelry Television and[2]. The site, which is operated by a company based in Timonium, Maryland, and offers credit through CIT Bank in Salt Lake City, Utah, allows purchases to be made online without using a credit card. The company was the recipient of the first Red Herring Global 100 Award by Red Herring magazine[3].

In November 2007, the Washington Post, in a Newsweek interactive, suggested as a secure alternative for making online purchases[4].

On November 7, 2008, PayPal completed its acquisition of Bill Me Later.


How it works

Bill Me Later works by asking customers to fill the last 4 digits of SSN and date of birth -besides other information like Full Name, Address, valid phone and email. It then checks the credit (first time) to approve or decline the customers. The approved customer can then pay the bill by mail (check) or online (via bank account) at[5]

Developers/New merchant integration

Unlike its parent company Paypal which has open API's etc and offered to small merchants, the integration with bill me later is offered to medium or large merchants only. Its done by contacting bill me later at Merchant Signup link at : [6] or by contacting bill me later over phone [7]

Other products

Besides its flagship Bill Me Later Consumer Product, Bill Me later also offers Bill Me Later Business (seen at USPS) and Private label (seen at New egg).
In Bill Me Later business, the users are business owners who want to use equivalent of corporate card for buying stuff over web. The business owner would apply for Bill Me Later Business - using data like EIN, SSN etc.
The private label product(also called as Preferred Account) is similar to concept of charge card - that can be used at a particular merchant only.[8]

Bill Me Later in PayPal wallet

For some merchants, Bill Me Later may appear as a payment options(besides credit card) in PayPals wallet(after doing login to PayPal ). In that case Paypal will collect dob and ssn on behalf of bill me later. The customer can then pay the Bill Me Later - bill directly from Since bill me later is a credit product - the bill can be paid only from a bank account(or via check).[9]

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