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Bimbles Bucket was an animated cartoon shown on CITV created by Michael Jupp the creator of The Dreamstone and produced by Martin Gates Productions for HTV.

It involved a young male animal (called Foxbits by some fans, as the main character and the other residents of Stiltsville were fox/rabbit hybrids with rabbit ears and fox brushes for tails) named Bimble having a bucket which could grant him wishes. A small green female called Teenie Weenie lived inside the bucket.

A witch called Dolly Clackhanger would try to steal the bucket from Bimble, many times, for her queen, Kak. She usually sent her gang to steal it. They consist of two Sleazians from Sleaze City who look like punk rockers called Bilge and Oiler, who usually go around on motorised pogo sticks. Dolly also has an odd looking blue creature with green hair called Sploot, who is usually Dolly's guinea pig for her magical experiments.

Queen Kak is also assisted by her tax collector Mudge, another Sleazian wearing a pork pie hat. He would rather perform scientific experiments instead of collecting taxes for the queen, and he dislikes Dolly and her magic.

The show ran for 2 series between 1996 and 1997.

The series was later repeated on the Sky Digital channel Pop.


Voice Talents


Series 1

Julia McKenzie (Dolly Clackhanger / Narrator), Ellie Beaven (Teeny Weeny), Jonathan Kydd (Mudge / Mr. Gallypot), Gary Martin (Sploot), Lewis MacLeod (Bimble), Kate Robbins (Oiler)

Series 2

Julia McKenzie (Narrator / Dolly Clackhanger), Ellie Beaven (Teeny Weeny), Maria Darling, Sally Kinghorn, Gary Martin (Sploot), Paul Panting (Bimble), Richard Tate (Mudge / Mayor of Stiltsville)

Episode list

Series One: (25 minute episodes)

  1. The Beginning - First broadcast: 1/8/1996
  2. The Really Bad Idea - First broadcast: 1/15/1996
  3. Mistaken Identity - First broadcast: 1/22/1996
  4. The Catastrophe - First broadcast: 1/29/1996
  5. The Journey - First broadcast: 5/6/1996
  6. Pogo Time - First broadcast: 5/13/1996
  7. The Birds
  8. Marooned
  9. The Moon Bridge
  10. Nearly
  11. The Carpet
  12. Catnap
  13. The Return

Series Two: (10 minute episodes)

  1. The Cauldron – First broadcast: 2/7/1997
  2. The Homing Bubble
  3. The Fair
  4. Sploot’s Monster
  5. The Hypnopipe
  6. Dolly Rules
  7. A Question of Colours
  8. Keep Fit
  9. The Plant
  10. Queen Kak’s Birthday
  11. Invisible
  12. Sheep
  13. Pirates
  14. The Crab

'There are presumably more episodes in Series 2, However fans are unsure whether they exist or not at the present time.


Series 1

Written by 
Sue Radley and Martin Gates
Original Concept, Story and Design by 
Mike Jupp
Music Written and Composed by 
Chris Caswell
Animation Directors 
Simon Ward-Horner, Chris Randall, David Elvin, Greg Ingram
Directed by 
Martin Gates
Dialogue Recording Engineer 
Ben Leeves
Dubbing Editors 
Kevin Brazier, Alan Sallabank
Dubbing Mixer 
David Humphries
Sound Re-recorded at 
DB Post Production
Negative Cutting 
Mike Fraser
Telecine Grader 
Alan Bishop
Video Editor 
Neville Donochue
Film Editor 
David Hillier
End Title Music by 
Chris Caswell
End Title Lyrics by 
Peter Pontzen, Maxine Trofftes
Vocals by 
Steve Steen
Production Facilities 
Moving Images International
Managing Director 
Jimmy Costello
Head of Production 
Louie Jhocson
SAE ROM Animation President 
Kil Whan Kim
Production Assistants 
Emma MacGregor, Samantha Warden, Charlotte Simpson-Orlebar
Production Secretary 
Sarah Absalom
Production Co-ordinator 
Robert Dunbar
Production Manager 
Stuart Lock
Mike Jupp, Gordon Harrison, David Elvin, Keith Scoble, Greg Ingram, Bruce McNally, Marty Murphy
Paul Stibal, Dick Horn, Duncan Varley
Art Direction and Timing 
Barry Macey
Edit and Story Supervisor 
Sue Radley
Executive Producers 
Dan Maddicot, Tom Parkhouse
Line Producer 
Marion Edwards
Produced by 
Martin Gates

Series 2

  • Written by: Sue Radley and Martin Gates
  • Original Concept, Story and Design by: Mike Jupp
  • Music Written and Composed by: Chris Caswell
  • Animation Directors: Chris Randall, Vincent Woodcock
  • Directed by: Martin Gates
  • Dialogue Recording Engineer: Ben Leeves
  • Dubbing Editors: Kevin Brazier
  • Dubbing Mixers: David Humphries, Alan Sallabank
  • Sound Re-recorded at: DB Post Productions
  • Negative Cutting: Mike Fraser
  • Telecine Grader: Zay Ring
  • Video Editor: Andrew Mitchell
  • Film Editor: David Hillier
  • End Title Music by: Chris Caswell
  • End Title Lyrics by: Peter Pontzen, Maxine Trofftes
  • Vocals by: Steve Steen
  • Production Facilities: SAE ROM Animation
  • General Manager: Robby Beilig
  • Executive Manager: Tom Funk
  • Production Assistants: Emma MacGregor, Samantha Warden, Charlotte Simpson-Orlebar
  • Production Secretary: Sarah Absalom
  • Assistant Producer: Emma MacGregor
  • Production Co-ordinator: Robert Dunbar
  • Production Manager: Stuart Lock
  • Image and Music Published by: Telestar Management Ltd.
  • Storyboard Department: Alan Besem, Leila Park
  • Storyboards: Gordon Harrison, Mike Jupp, Barry Macey, Clive Pallant, Vince James, Jez Hall, Michael Zave, Marty Murphy
  • Timing: Chris Cuddington, Barry Macey
  • Edit and Timing Supervisor: Sue Radley
  • Executive Producers: Dan Maddicot, Tom Parkhouse
  • Producer: Martin Gates

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