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Bir Lehlou
Bir Lehlou is located in Western Sahara
Bir Lehlou
Location in Western Sahara
Coordinates: 26°07′09″N 09°39′09″W / 26.11917°N 9.6525°W / 26.11917; -9.6525
Country Western Sahara
Claimed by Morocco, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Controlled by SADR

Bir Lehlou (Bir Lehlu, Arabic: بير لحلو) is a small town in north-eastern Western Sahara, east of the border wall, in Polisario-held territory.

The Sahrawi Republic, an exiled government seated in Tindouf, Algeria, claims it as its interim capital, "as long as the Sahrawi capital of El-Aaiun is under Moroccan control. This is also from where the republic's existence was proclaimed over radio on February 27, 1976, by El-Ouali Mustapha Sayed. Today's 'Radio Nacional de la Republica Árabe Saharaui Democrática' keeps broadcasting from there on both medium and short wave, webcasting the programming in Hassaniya Arabic, French and Spanish[1]. Some sources list Bir Lehlou as El-Ouali's birthplace, although this seems far from certain.

The name "Bir Lehlou" is transcribed from dialectal hassaniya Arabic, and means "the beautiful well" or "spring". A standard Arabic transcription would be "bi'r al-holwa" (بئر الحلوة).


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