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Country Switzerland Coat of Arms of Birmenstorf
Canton Aargau
District Baden
47°28′N 8°15′E / 47.467°N 8.25°E / 47.467; 8.25Coordinates: 47°28′N 8°15′E / 47.467°N 8.25°E / 47.467; 8.25
Population 2,404 (December 2006)
  - Density 308 /km2 (798 /sq mi)
Area 7.80 km2 (3.01 sq mi)
Elevation 382 m (1,253 ft)
Postal code 5413
SFOS number 4024
Surrounded by Baden, Birrhard, Fislisbach, Gebenstorf, Mellingen, Mülligen, Windisch, Wohlenschwil
SFSO statistics
Birmenstorf is located in Switzerland

Birmenstorf is a municipality in the district of Baden in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland.

Birmenstorf lies in the valley of the Reuss River near its confluence with the Aare river and 4km west-south-west from Baden.



According to a census taken on 31 December 2003, the population of Birmenstorf was 2370. As of the most recent census, 15.3% were foreign-born persons. 47.9% of the population followed the Roman Catholic religion, 33.1% the Reformed Christian religion, and about 5.7% believed in other religions. Approximately 90% of the population speaks German as a main or primary language.

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Archeological findings indicate that the area was inhabited as early as the Stone Age. The village proper was most likely founded by Alamanni settlers probably in the 6th century.


The first written mention of Birmenstorf dates to 1146, when a stay of Bernard of Clairvaux was recorded. In 1415, the Eidgenossenschaft conquered the Aargau, and Birmenstorf as part of the Habsburgian County of Baden came under their sovereignty. During the Reformation, about a third of the population converted to Protestantism. The choir of the old church with frescos dating to 1440 still exists today.

For over 600 years, vineyards have been cultivated in Birmenstorf.

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Coordinates: 47°28′N 8°15′E

Country Switzerland
Canton Aargau
District Baden

Coordinates47°28′N 8°15′E
Population 2364   (31. December 2005)
Area 7.80 km² (3.01 sq mi)

Elevation382 m (1,253 ft)
Postal code 5413

SFOS number4024
Surrounded byBaden, Birrhard, Fislisbach, Gebenstorf, Mellingen, Mülligen, Windisch, Wohlenschwil


Birmenstorf is a municipality of the district Baden in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland. [[File:|left|thumb|View to the Catholic church]]

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