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Other names Himalayan Bisben Sheepdog
Himalayan Bisben
Bisben of Himalaya
Bisben Shepherd
Country of origin India

The ancient Bisben Sheepdog is related to other Himalayan breeds and is sometimes mistakenly seen as a type of the Tibetan Mastiff. One of the key distinguishing features of the Bisben dog is its lupoid head, which is nothing like the common mastiff head type associated with its regional cousins.




Its lean, muscular body is covered with a thick, harsh medium-length coat, making this breed suited for outside life. The most common coat colouring is jet black with large white markings on the feet and chest, but wolf-grey and tricolour dogs can also be found in some villages. Average height is around 26 inches.


Powerful and ferocious, this rare Himalayan molosser is primarily used as a flock guardian and herder, but can also make a good watchdog and large game hunter. The Bisben can be very aggressive towards strange people and dogs, needing careful handling and training.


There are numerous theories about the origin of the Bisben breed, but the most popular is that it is a result of matings between the wolves and sheepdogs.


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