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Bizerte Governorate

Bizerte Governorate (Arabic: ولاية بنزرت‎; transliterated: Wilayat Binzart) is one of the twenty-four governorates (provinces) of Tunisia. It is situated in northern Tunisia. It covers an area of 3,685 km² and has a population of 524,000 (2004 census). The capital is Bizerte. The offshore Galite Islands are part of the governorate.

The following cities and towns are located in the Bizerte Governorate:

Administrative divisions

The Bizerte Governorate is divided into fourteen delegations and further divided into 102 sectors (imada). The delegations with populations from the 2004 census[1], are listed below:

  • Bizerte North, pop. 75,234
  • Bizerte South, pop. 45,227
  • Djoumime, pop. 35,213
  • El Alia, pop. 24,539
  • Ghar El Melh, pop. 18,525
  • Ghezala, pop. 27,799
  • Mateur, pop. 47,562
  • Menzel Bourguiba, pop. 54,804
  • Menzel Jemil, pop. 39,691
  • Ras Jebel, pop. 51,240
  • Sejenane, pop. 42,156
  • Tinja, pop. 19,444
  • Utique, pop. 18,266
  • Zarzouna, pop. 24,428


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Coordinates: 37°16′N 9°52′E / 37.267°N 9.867°E / 37.267; 9.867


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