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Björn Gelotte

Björn Gelotte live in Gröna Lund, Sweden.
Background information
Born 27 August 1975 (1975-08-27) (age 34) in Gothenburg
Genres Melodic death metal
Occupations Musician, songwriter
Instruments Guitar, drums
Years active 1994 - present
Labels Nuclear Blast, Ferret Music
Associated acts In Flames, Sights, All Ends

Björn Gelotte is a songwriter and guitarist for the Swedish band In Flames. He joined the band as the drummer in 1995 and continued his position as drummer during The Jester Race and Whoracle. Gelotte switched to his current position on guitars after Niklas Engelin left the band, sharing lead/rhythm guitar work with In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad.

Other projects

Before joining In Flames, Björn Gelotte was a member of Sights.

He is currently involved in a side project called All Ends, which he and his In Flames bandmate Jesper Strömblad write the songs for. Björn's sister is one of the singers for All Ends. Neither of them plan to play in the side project live due to In Flames' demanding schedule.

He is an avid Star Trek: TOS fan.


The guitar used by Björn Gelotte is a Gibson Les Paul Custom with double EMG 85 active pickups. He uses ESP Eclipse guitars as well. He uses a POD XT and other Line 6 equipment, Elixir custom strings, and Dunlop .88 MM Tortex picks. On the older In Flames records, both Björn and co-guitarist Jesper Strömblad tuned their guitars C,F,Bb,Eb,G,C. On the new records they use this same tuning with the lowest string dropped to B flat, on some of the tracks. Having previously used Peavey 5150/6505 amp heads, Björn has recently switched to Marshall, and now endorses and uses the Marshall JVM.

Gibson Les Paul custom
ESP Eclipse
Marshall JVM
previous amps
Peavey 6505
Peavey 5150
Line 6 Pod XT
Elixir strings
Dunlop .88 MM Tortex picks

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