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Jasmin Wagner

Background information
Also known as Blümchen, Blossom, Denim Girl
Born April 20, 1980 (1980-04-20) (age 29)
Hamburg, Germany
Genres Pop, Happy Hardcore
Occupations Singer, actress, model
Years active 1995–2001 as Blümchen, 2001–present as Jasmin Wagner
Labels Edel - Neues Gefühl

Jasmin Wagner, (born April 20, 1980), better known as Blümchen, is a multi-platinum selling pop and dance music singer, aspiring actress, model/spokesperson. Although she releases her English albums under the name Blossom, her German stage name "Blümchen" actually translates to "floret" or "small flower". She is also known as Denim Girl, performing the song "Are You Ready For Some Darkness?" on A Tribute to Turbonegro compilation "Alpha Motherfuckers"


Musical career

Born in Hamburg, Germany, she began performing as a cheerleader for the Hamburg Blue Angels, a squad associated with the Hamburg Blue Devils American football team. In 1995, she met producers Stani Djukanovic and Arn Schürmann at a Neue Deutsche Welle party where she was singing. In February 2001, after nine albums, 17 singles, 4 tours, and appearances in over 30 countries, she retired the name Blümchen. She returned, though, in 2003, with the single "Leb Deinen Traum" under her real name, Jasmin Wagner.

Her music is widely known as one of the best and most respected eurodance singers of the 1990s–2000s. Her songs vary from around 50 BPM (beats per minute) to about 190 BPM and they range from many genres of music – Slow, Dance, Trance, Happy Hardcore, Pop, and Eurodance.

Movie career

Wagner has also made cameo appearances in several movies, most notably as a race car fan in Driven, starring Sylvester Stallone. Wagner appeared in the role of Maxi in the film Breathful by Daryush Shokof in Germany in 2006.

Spokesperson and model career

Jasmin began her modelling career at age 4 in the Petrol catalog. In 1998, Jasmin was made the official representative of the Tommy Hilfiger product "Tommy Girl", she has also been involved in modelling several Hilfiger clothing products in Germany. She also promotes her own cosmetics line Jamila which started in 2002.

As a spokesmodel she has also been a vocal supporter of animal rights groups like the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, and has been involved in many fundraising projects for them. As such in December 2004 she was involved in the charity fundraiser "Stars for Whales". Her fundraising efforts are not just for animals however; she has been a strong supporter of Hand in Hand for Children, a cancer awareness group. After the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake she was involved in a charity fundraiser for tsunami relief raising over 50,000.



  • RSH Gold "Best Singer"
  • Bravo Gold Otto
  • Popcorn Award "Best Singer"
  • Pop/Rocky Award



  • ZDF Golden Tuning Fork
  • Bravo Gold Otto (multiple categories)
  • Pop/Rocky Schlumf Gold Award
  • RSH Gold Award


  • ZDF Golden Tuning Fork Nominee
  • VIVA Awards Nominee
  • ENERGY Award (Sweden)
  • Bravo Silver Otto "Best Singer"
  • Echo Award


  • Bravo Bronze Otto
  • Popcorn Bronze Award
  • Sexiest singer in the whole world, BAM!



as Blümchen

Year Title German Charts
1996 Herzfrequenz 18
1997 Verliebt... 7
1998 Jasmin 8
1999 Live in Berlin 57
2000 Die Welt gehört dir 18
2001 Für immer und ewig 95

as Blossom

Year Title
1996 Heartbeat
1997 In Love

as Jasmin Wagner

Year Title German Charts
2006 Die Versuchung 98


as Blümchen

Year Title German Charts Album
1995 Herz an Herz (Paso Doble cover) 4 Herzfrequenz
1996 Kleiner Satellit (Piep, Piep) 9 Herzfrequenz
1996 Boomerang 11 Herzfrequenz
1996 Du und ich 17 Herzfrequenz
1996 Bicycle Race (Queen cover) 28 Herzfrequenz
1997 Nur geträumt (Nena cover) 6 Verliebt...
1997 Verrückte Jungs 22 Verliebt...
1997 Gib mir noch Zeit 9 Verliebt...
1997 Sesam-Jam (Der, Die, Das) 26
1998 Blaue Augen (Ideal cover) 19 Jasmin
1998 Ich bin wieder hier (Rozalla cover) 12 Jasmin
1998 Es ist vorbei 24 Jasmin
1998 Tu es mon île (With Yta Farrow) Jasmin - Die Fanedition
1999 Heut' ist mein Tag 15 Jasmin - Die Fanedition
1999 Unter'm Weihnachtsbaum 31 Live in Berlin
2000 Ist deine Liebe echt? 24 Die Welt gehört dir
2000 Die Welt gehört mir 96 Die Welt gehört dir
2001 Ich vermisse dich 50 Die Welt gehört dir
2001 Es ist nie vorbei (with E-Type) Für Immer und Ewig

as Blossom

Year Title Album
1996 Heart to Heart (English Version of "Herz an Herz") Heartbeat
1996 You and Me (English Version of "Du und ich") Heartbeat
1996 Bicycle Race Heartbeat
1997 Just A Dream (English Version of "Nur geträumt") In Love
1997 Give Me More Time (English Version of "Gib mir noch Zeit") In Love
1997 Key To Paradise (Promo Only) (English Version of "Du bist die Insel") In Love

as Jasmin Wagner

Year Title German Charts Album
2001 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
2003 Leb deinen Traum 24
2004 Helden wie wir 68
2006 Männer brauchen Liebe 99 Die Versuchung
2006 Komm schon werd wütend/Morgen wenn ich weg bin (Radio Single) Die Versuchung

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Blümchen n. (genitive Blümchens, plural Blümchen)

  1. Diminutive form of Blume

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