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Early Days


Developed in 2005 by 'The Nothing' ex-bassist Robert 'Syxx' Perry and ex-guitarist Daniel Hushard, Balck Dawn was originally known as 'Zodiac', playing only one gig in Nova Scotia, Canada, (with former 'Nothing' drummer Dawn Penney and keyboardist Phillip "Finch" Frasier) before adding drummer Daniel 'FLiP' MacKay and lead guitarist Adam Rogers. Rogers was well known as the bassist for brother band Vapor (consisting of mainstay members Steven Elliot (Lead guitar) and Aaron Bell (Rhythm Guitar/Drums).

After working together for only two months, Hushard mutually parted ways with the Zodiac crew, and the band took the name 'Black Dawn' from a page of possible names that Perry had written in a notebook. The trio later added Darcie Scott to the mix, deciding that 'there were some times when you just needed a rhythm guitarist, being a three piece won't always cut it.'

Black Dawn is better known for it's unorthodox approach to song writing. Rogers' complicated guitar riffs are reminicent of the likes of Pink Floyd and Stratovarius, while Flip's snare-heavy drumming and frequent use of double-kick are more influenced by the likes of Avenged Sevenfold. With Perry on vocals (and lyrical duties), the songs' lyrical content ranges from Intergalactic exploration to mental anguish and human suffering. Contrasting are the lyrics, comparing the likes of "Superhero" (a story of ultimate unconditional love) to "Hollow" (the pain experienced from parental abandonment) to "Inferno" (The story of a journey through Hell).

After frequently being referred to as 'Rob Styx', Rob dropped his Syxx alias in March 2005. He is now known by his birth name, Rob Perry.

The Band is Curently writing and arranging material for a debut album, "Emerald Fusion". No recording or release times have been set, though Perry is quoted as wanting to begin recording by June 2006.

Miscelaneous Facts


- Rogers and Perry cite Finnish Speed-metal band Stratovarius as a key source of influence and inspiration.
-FLiP got his nickname from his admiration and likeness of Scott Phillips, Drummer of Alterbridge.
- The band's song 'Koma' is about the descent into Psychosis. It has already been revised a number of times, having had four entirely different sets of lyrics. It is expected to have a fifth lyrical overhaul before it recieves studio time.
-The Band's first covers were 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' by Metallica and 'I'm 18' by Alice Cooper (though The boys preferred the Creed version).
-The group shares the name 'Black Dawn' with an underground New York-based Metal band, as well as a Scandinavian Death Metal group. They deny any affiliation with either group, and have stated that they were 'Unaware of any other Black Dawns in the world'.

Current Lineup

Robert Perry - Bass, Vocals<p>
Adam Rogers - Lead Guitar
Darcie Scott - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Daniel 'Flip' MacKay - Drums and Percussion

Official Website: [2295]


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