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Black Death
Comic image missing.svg
Gravity #1. Art by Mike Norton
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Gravity #1, June 2005
Created by Sean McKeever
Mike Norton
In-story information
Alter ego Unknown
Notable aliases Greenwich Guardian
Abilities Ability to manipulate people and objects using the black field,
Force blasts,
Abiliy to generate disguise

Black Death is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in the Marvel universe, with the ability to manipulate objects with his black "aura" like field around him. He first appeared in Gravity: Big-City Super Hero, part of the Marvel Next imprint, which was aimed at younger readers and published miniseries in digest format. In his first appearance he was portrayed as Gravity's primary antagonist during his debut.

Fictional character biography

During a battle with the superhero Rage, Black Death is assisted (misguidedly) by Gravity, who is under the impression that Rage is the villain, seizing this opportunity, Black Death flees.

Gravity becomes insecure about his heroism after a chastising by Rage, and later other heroes, but things look up for him when he meets a fellow hero named the Greenwich Guardian, self-proclaimed hero of Greenwich Village. The two team up and patrol together, but the Greenwich Guardian disturbs Greg with his violent tendencies, and he decides to operate solo instead. After another confrontation with Black Death, and in the light of his developing relationship with Lauren, Greg decides to stop being Gravity.

However, the Greenwich Guardian soon guilts Greg into teaming up with him so the two can take down Black Death. When Greg meets up with the Greenwich Guardian to trap Black Death, the Guardian reveals himself to be Black Death. Black Death uses Greg's gravity powers to try to damage Greenwich Village and the university campus before Gravity ultimately defeats him. During the fight, it is revealed that when he first took on his superhero identity of Greenwich Guardian, Black Death had faced the same trials Greg had (failing classes, no appreciation, etc). This caused him to become extremely bitter and take on the superhero persona.

Later, in his civilian identity, is doing a computer search for male NYU students from Wisconsin, and Greg (now much more confident in his role as Gravity) is shown stopping the pyrokinetic villain, Brushfire.

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