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Black Front
Leader Otto Strasser
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Ideology Nazism
Political position Far right
For the Dutch fascist group see Black Front (Netherlands).

The Black Front (formally known as the Union of Revolutionary National Socialists) was a group formed by Otto Strasser after his expulsion from the Nazi Party (NSDAP) in 1930. Strasser believed the original anti-capitalist nature of the NSDAP had been betrayed by Adolf Hitler. The Black Front was composed of former radical members of the NSDAP, who intended to cause a split in the main party. Strasser's organisation published a newspaper, 'The German Revolution' and adopted the crossed hammer and sword symbol which is still used by several Strasserite groupings today.

The organisation was unable to oppose the NSDAP effectively, and Hitler’s rise to power proved to be the final straw. Otto Strasser spent the years of the Third Reich in exile, first in Czechoslovakia and later in Canada. The left-wing of the party itself was eradicated in 1934 during 'The Night of the Long Knives', in which Gregor Strasser, Otto’s elder brother, was killed.

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