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Black Power
Black Power.jpg
Black Power rally
Founded Late 1960's
In New Zealand Whakatane, New Zealand
Years active 1960's-present
Territory Nation-wide
Ethnicity Māori and Polynesian
Criminal activities Drug dealing, assault, murder
Allies Crips and Dark Side
Rivals Mongrel Mob

Black Power is a prominent gang in New Zealand. Black Power was formed in the late 1960s by Māori youth in Whakatane, in response to the rival Mongrel Mob gang. The gang then emerged in Wellington and Auckland and spread to other major centres and rural towns in New Zealand. Members are predominantly from New Zealand's Māori and Polynesian ethnic groups.

The Black Power has several affiliated youth gangs who wear the blue colours but operate under different names such as Crips in several locations or The Dark Side that started in Wellington Central.[citation needed]

Like other gangs in New Zealand, they offer a surrogate family for disenfranchised young men and are known to be increasingly active in organised crime, such as drug dealing.[1] While the gang has distanced itself from violent acts of some of its members in, for example, a child abuse case, police have in return accused the gang members of using violence as a 'learned behaviour from involvement in the gang'.[2]


Gang Regalia

Supporters of the Mongrel Mob wear their patch along with red and white scarves whilst the Black Power wear their Patch with blue and black scarves. The black power patch is closed black fist.A patch is standard uniform for a “Half Jacket” or “Cut-off” (leather or denim vest) with colours/patch (gang emblem) on the back, usually covering the back. “Rockers” have the names and place of the gang. The name usually goes on the top rocking downwards and the place on the bottom rocking upwards. There are some exceptions, like on older patches or with some of the Black Power branches who wear their faction name at the bottom like ‘Forever’ or ‘United’. The Black Power salute is the fist facing forward.

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