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Black Ribbons
Studio album by Shooter Jennings and Hierophant
Released March 2, 2010
Recorded 2009
Genre Rock, psychedelic rock, alternative rock, heavy metal, alternative country, southern rock
Label Black Country Rock
Producer Dave Cobb
Shooter Jennings and Hierophant chronology
The Wolf
Black Ribbons

Black Ribbons is a concept album by Shooter Jennings with his band Hierophant. The album features dialogue written by horror author Stephen King, who also narrates the album. The album was released on March 2, 2010.

The first single, "Wake Up" was released on December 22, 2009. [1]



Reports hint that this album will not be an alternative country album as were his previous albums. Instead, the album will have a definite psychedelic rock feel. [2] [3] It has been described as "The Allman Brothers meets Pink Floyd" and Jennings himself has compared it to Nine Inch Nails.[4] He also said it would be a concept album, stating "The whole album is kind of this big concept record about truth, and about the importance of love and two people connecting. It’s masqueraded as this kind of futuristic story that goes on with this guy. As a whole, I believe it is something that is a really cool piece of art."[5]

The website said of the album's style, "Musically, Black Ribbons is a mind-blowing opus that completely obliterates genre distinctions. On this unprecedented work, twanging dobros coexist with Nintendo chipsets; brutally assaultive passages alternate with moments of unabashed tenderness, and surreal Floydian soundscapes float above smoking slabs of whiskey-soaked southern soul. It's an electrifying thrill ride across a dense, dark and gloriously decadent musical landscape."[6]

The alternative country website No Depression compared the first single "Wake Up" to The Steve Miller Band[7]

Jennings also stated that Alex Jones and David Icke were major influences on the album and debuted the song "Wake Up" on Jones' radio show. Also on the show he revealed that there would be songs about eugenics and the Bohemian Club[8].

According to reports, the album will be very political in nature. Jennings said, "The album is rooted in what we’re about. Truth and waking up. We want to promote something that will awaken some people...I studied the Masons, books on the occult, the terminology. Brought me to be a completely different person". In the same interview, he spoke about the New World Order (conspiracy theory).[9]

He later told Billboard, "I've always been drawn to the darker side of things. When I was doing this record, I was reading a lot on everything, from past civilizations to government conspiracies to UFOs to the brief history of time to books on the occult. I was soaking up this dark counterculture of the world. We're in a very grim time. So I needed to paint the grim picture to let the colors of the positive message of the record shine."[10]

Jennings told the Washington Post, "I think the whole thing is a metaphor for how hard it's been to get my voice heard. Whether it's a success or not, at the end of the day I know that I didn't play by anyone's expectations. This is the anti-expectations album."[11]

Jennings and the band were going to perform the album live during a release party at the Viper Room in Los Angeles on March 3, 2010 but they had to cancel it due to a scheduling conflict.

Stephen King

In February 2009, it was announced that writer Stephen King plays a major role in the album. According to the Associated Press, "King is the voice of Will O' The Wisp, a radio talk-show host being phased out due to government censorship. He spends his last hour on the air delivering a diatribe about the decline of America, and playing the music of an important band — which happens to be Jennings' new band, Hierophant." [12][13].

Jennings also said King rewrote portions of the narration, saying "“He took what I'd done, doctored it and made it his own. He threw in some awesome lines. That made me feel vindicated for any frustration I'd felt. It told me I really was on the right path."[14]

King said, "It's a tremendously spooky idea. He sent me a draft, and it was just about perfect. I altered a few things and expanded some of it, but he knew exactly what he wanted. . . . To me, it was brilliant, the way the talk and the music weave in and out."[15]

King is a fan of Jennings and even mentioned him in his novel Lisey's Story.[16]

Track Listing

# Title Writer(s) performer Length
1. "Wake Up!"   Shooter Jennings   6:01
2. "Last Light Radio 11:01 PM"     Stephen King 2:30
3. "Triskaidekaphobia"   Shooter Jennings   3:10
4. "Don't Feed the Animals"   Dave Cobb, Shooter Jennings   3:27
5. "The Breaking Point"   Shooter Jennings   5:45
6. "Last Light Radio 11:16 PM"     Stephen King 1:31
7. "Everything Else is Illusion"   Shooter Jennings, Matt Whyte   3:35
8. "God Bless Alabama"   Matt Reasor   3:31
9. "All of This Could Have Been Yours"   Shooter Jennings   4:46
10. "Last Light Radio 11:29 PM"     Stephen King 1:11
11. "Fuck You (I'm Famous)"   Shooter Jennings   1:43
12. "Lights in the Sky"   Shooter Jennings   5:11
13. "Black Ribbons"   Shooter Jennings   4:21
14. "Last Light Radio 11:41 PM"     Stephen King 1:34
15. "Summer of Rage"   Shooter Jennings   5:39
16. "California via Tennessee"   Ike Reilly   3:19
17. "The Illuminated"   Shooter Jennings   4:54
18. "Last Light Radio 11:57 PM"     Stephen King 1:08
19. "When the Radio Goes Dead"   Ted Russell Kamp   5:07
20. "All of This Could Have Been Yours (reprise)"   Shooter Jennings   3:10


The track "Wake Up" was released as a digital single on December 22, 2009 with the following track listing:

  • 1. Wake Up
  • 2. Wake Up (Pig Flu mix)


The album will be released as both a CD and as a vinyl record.


  • Shooter Jennings- vocals, guitar, piano, drums, programming
  • Dave Cobb- producer, bass, guitar, keyboards, programmings
  • Ted Russell Kamp- acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards
  • Bryan Keeling- drums
  • Bobby Emmett- Hammond organ
  • Jonathan Wilson- guitar
  • Robby Turner- acoustic guitar, dobro
  • Danny Coakley- background vocals, clapping, stomping
  • Jessi Colter- backing vocals
  • Jennifer Davis- backing vocals
  • Stephen King- Will 'o the Wisp (narrator)
  • Mike Sportes - "Hierophant" drawing

Chart performance

Chart (2010) Peak
U.S. Billboard 200 133
U.S. Billboard Top Independent Albums 16
U.S. Billboard Top Rock Albums 34


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