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Blacklight 3.JPG
The official logo
Developer(s) Zombie Studios
Designer(s) Mark Long, Jared Gerritzen
Writer(s) Jason Dean Hall
Series Blacklight
Engine Unreal Engine 3
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows,
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release date(s) TBA
Genre(s) Tactical shooter, First person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Cooperative modes, Multi-player
Media Blu-ray Disc, DVD-DL
Input methods Gamepad, keyboard and mouse

Blacklight is currently in development by Zombie Studios with no publisher attached yet to the project. Although they have been looking for a publisher, Zombie has been forced to fund the project themselves for the time being. The game is set to launch on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows platforms. There is no tentative release date yet on any platform or in any region. [1]

Zombie is planning to make Blacklight a multimedia franchise that will include the video game, a feature film, and a trilogy of comic books. The idea was concepted by Zombie executives which later pitched the idea to several film and comic book production companies. The film rights were immediately bought by Fox Atomic to create a film adaptation of the franchise. Fox Atomic's comic subsidiary, Fox Atomic Comics, will also be creating the Blacklight comics. The film, comic books, and game will not share the same storylines, but tell different stories in the Blacklight universe at different time periods.



Blacklight is primarily a squad-based first person shooter with elements similar to that of Tactical shooters. The player assumes control of a military squadron in the fictional city of Balak, Kajikistan. The main goal of the game is to apprehend the rogue Colonel Klein. To achieve this goal, the squad will have a number of objectives such as retrieving intel or capturing/killing certain people to come closer to Klein himself. There are a number of weapons the squad may use including standard sniper rifles, machine guns, and missile launchers. There is also a unique weapon called the "Ultrasonic Launcher", which is a non-lethal weapon that shoots sound waves that can bounce off walls and knock players over. The Launcher may also generate s sonic forcefield that can slow enemies.

The ability to switch between squadmates instantaneously has been a key in Blacklight. This technique, which is similar to that of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, is called "Tac-Jumping". Certain tools have been incorporated to encourage teamwork amongst the squad. One such tool, the "Turtle Helmet", allows players to see through walls to seek out enemies, which then can be used to inform other squadmates. To combat this, tools like camouflage and decoys that can only be seen through the Turtle Helmet's Infrered Spectrum have been given as defensive mechanisms. [1]

The game will also feature drop-in, drop-out Coop, which allows a second player to come into the game without disrupting the mission progress. This can be done either split-screen or via online gaming on Xbox Live or Playstation Network. There is also a multi-player mode being incorporated, but details have not been revealed as of yet.




Blacklight takes place approximately twenty-five years in the future in the fictional east European city of Balak, Kajikistan. The city is a former soviet state that has become rundown and dilapidated with many sections cordoned off as biohazardous zones. The urban environment includes inner-city and building interior settings, as well as some rural areas, all which have a number of missions the player can participate in.


  • Colonel Klein (unannounced voice actor): A rogue commander of the Blacklight team, Klein serves as the main antagonist for the game. Frustrated with the top-level brass in Langley, Virginia, Klein defects from the Americans and exploits the natives regimes rivalries to become a warlord in Balak.
  • The Blacklight Team (multiple voice actors): The players' squad and protagonists for the game, the squad is sent in to Balak to either capture or kill Colonel Klein. The team consists of several members, both key characters and unnamed soldiers. All are able to be controlled by the player or the Co-op players. The only named characters in the squad so far are Delta and DEVGRU.


The games' story follows the Blacklight squad of the American military. Their former commander, Colonel Klein, has defected from the squad and fled to Balak. Klien has used his intellect to play the locals against each other and become a warlord of the area. The squad is sent in on a covert-op to either capture or kill Klein to stop him from coming to power and creating an uprising in the region.


The game was officially announced by Zombie and Fox Atomic on March 16 2009 at a press conference. The pair announced not only the game, but the collaboration on the film and comic book series as well. The only details revealed were the first-person perspective and futuristic setting of the game. The designers described Blacklight as "Science Fact", as opposed to Science fiction. It was explained that this meant Zombie researched the cutting edge of modern day technology and applied them to the armor and weapons of the game to give it a real but futuristic atmosphere. Zombie, having worked with the Army on several training games, have had the ability to check the advances in R&D as far as new technologies. [1]

The following day Zombie founder Mark Long had a public interview revealing much more information about the game. A basic plot summary was issued as well as some weapon designs. Although no release date was set, he noted that the comic book will come first and the game will come "sooner than later".

A few screenshots of the game were released alongside the interview. Most of the screens, in a unique marketing approach, all depict the same scene from different angles and perspectives. The scene depicts a battle between two warring factions dressed in advanced combat armor in an urban environment with several skyscrapers. Some of the buildings are shown being crumbled and some are destroyed with large holes in them from previous battles.


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