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Blasius Merrem

Blasius Merrem (4 February 1761 – 23 February 1824) was a German naturalist.

Merrem was born at Bremen, and studied at the university of Göttingen under Johann Friedrich Blumenbach. He developed an interest in zoology, particularly ornithology. He is remembered chiefly as the first ornithologist to propose a division of birds into Ratitae (ratites or running birds, with a flat sternum) and (carinatae or flying birds, with a keeled sternum), which formed part of his classification of birds in Tentamen Systematis Naturalis Avium, published in Berlin in 1816 (in Abhandlugen Akad. Wiss. Berlin 1812–1813: Phys. Kl.).


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(4.II.1761 - 23.II.1824)

German zoologist.
Abbreviation : Merrem.


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