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Operating system Windows
Type Virtual World
Screenshot of Techuelife Island in Blaxxun Contact

Blaxxun originally named "Black Sun" was one of the first companies to develop a multi-user virtual reality 3D chat platform designed for the internet using VRML.[1][2]

Blaxxun developed the 3D Web Browser CyberGate in late 1995 with beta releases in early 1996. [3][4]

Later Blaxxun developed Contact, a 3D Web Browser plug-in which is still used today for CyberTown, I City of sunycom company (Israel), Jewel of Indra and other Blaxxun based communities.

After Blaxxun was declared bankrupt in early 2002[5], the two main developers Peter Graf[6] and Holger Grahn[7] left the company and Blaxxun's pace of development stalled.

At the end of March 2003 Blaxxun technologies was founded and bought all assets, domains and intellectual property rights from Blaxxun Interactive. [8]

Holger Grahn co founded Bitmanagement Software and continues to develop Contact as BS Contact.[9][10]

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