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Blazer Drive
Blazer drive logo.JPG
(Bureizā Doraibu)
Genre Action, Comedy, Science Fiction
Author Seishi Kishimoto
Publisher Japan Rival Comics
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Monthly Shōnen Rival
Original run April 4, 2008 – ongoing
Volumes 5
Developer Sega
Genre Mysticker Battle RPG
Rating CERO: B (Ages 12 and over)
Platform Nintendo DS
Released Japan December 4, 2008
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Blazer Drive (ブレイザードライブ Bureizā Doraibu ?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Seishi Kishimoto, creator of O-Parts Hunter, and is published in the new Monthly Shōnen Rival [1]. Sega also developed a Nintendo DS game using a parallel story.[1]


Plot overview

Taking place in a futuristic style of Tokyo, Japan. Society has harnessed the power of the elements into items known as "Mystickers" which give off various effects depending on which is used and can be applied to everyday housework or even combat. Daichi, our main hero is a young teen that resents his older brother but finds comfort in his dealings with friends. After an encounter with some bullies Daichi discovers he has the potential to become a Blazer, people who are able to apply these "Mystickers" unto their skin without causing harm to their own bodies. It isn't after another deadly encounter with an unknown assailant of an organization that's targeting him that Daichi learns of his fate and that of his brother. At the cost of something precious, Daichi sets out to reclaim that which was taken, embarking on a dangerous quest with a new resolve and a powerful "Mysticker" of his own.



These stickers can be placed on anything and anywhere. There are for example normal stickers with the elements; flame, ice, electric and light. There are people called Blazers that can place these stickers on body parts and then control the outflow of power in the mysticker. A normal person would get hurt by doing so. In the first chapter of the series a Blazer uses the rare arrow sticker and the ultra-rare dimension shift Mysticker together. The result is that where the arrow hits, the object or being is shift in a dimension. Amplifier stickers boost the power of any activated Mysticker on activation.

Qilin Mystickers

These mystickers are super ultra rare and rumored that in the world only five exist. It is also rumored that each Quilin mysticker chooses its owner. The five are Black Kakutan, White Sakumei, Blue Shouko, Crimson Enku, and Yellow Qilin.

Type Obtainable Mysticker Effect
Element Common Flame Creates a firing, burning or heating effect.
Element Common Ice Creates freezing effect, frost and can be made into different forms such as ice spikes and claws.
Element Common Electric Creates electricity.
Element Common Light Creates a flashing light.
Element Rare God Stand (Kandachi) When placed on the body it produces a limitless amount of electricity.
Healing Common Multi-cure When placed on a person it heals them almost completely, even if the person is knocked out.
Healing Common Recovery+50 When placed on a person it will recover most non-fatal wounds.
Weapon Unknown Metal Ball Creates a metal ball, when the sticker is placed on the arm.
Weapon Unknown Valiant Transforms the arm in a hammer kind of weapon, that has brutal power on impact.
Weapon Common Wind Creates winds that can be controlled.
Weapon Unknown Aphrodite Creates roses that can be used in various situations.
Weapon Rare Testarossa Creates a large sword from the users hand that creates flames.
Weapon Rare Arrow When placed on the arm, it creates a bow that can shoot arrows.
Weapon Rare Necromancer It creates a large black broad sword that has the ability to steal the evil souls of others.
Shape shift Rare Tiger Jack Transforms the user into a tiger-humanoid. Power and speed increased. 'Spike beast hear (Juugamou)' , enlarges the spikes on the back to eventually create a spiked ball.
Weapon Ultra Rare Tamamayu When placed on the arm, it transforms into a gauntlet that produces wires. It has very high potential. Originally in the possession of Johnathan, and it was given to Shiro. He was meant to give to Daichi, which he did, and Daichi had it snatched away from him being told it was "too fast" for him. It is mentioned that Ginga was trying to locate it before
Other Ultra rare Dimension Shift When placed on an object or person, it will be send to another dimension.
Weapon Rare/Ultra Rare Jimmy When placed on the arm, it creates an electric guitar. The attacks are based on the sound coming from the guitar. Also this special mysticker is the one to this point with the most abilities all from absorbing electricity to making a sound which can make the people affected into zombie like slaves.
Unknown Super Ultra Rare Black Kakutan One of the Qilin mystickers. It uses shadows to create spikes out of mediums (silver bead piercings) and can also travel through shadows if they are connected. The piercing mediums allow the user to also envelope themselves in a shadow armor.
Summon Rare Kabuki A Wind attribute mysticker that summons a swarm of mosquitoes that can be used for various purposes.
Summon Rare Tengoku A book mysticker that when activated summons a large square book (humorously mistaken by some to be a jack-in-the-box). The book is completely sentient and can talk. One of its abilities include documenting and analyzing mystickers after having consumed a part of their product. Another ability is that it allows its user to draw a replica of a sealed creature it has already documented and summon it; the more accurate the drawing, the more powerful the summoned picture will be.
Weapon Unknown Rock 'n' Rollcake A giant hammer-like mysticker; in truth, the mysticker is made up of two parts, the hammer-like roll and a large fork that is stabbed in the roll.
Support Unknown Drive A mysticker that when activated raises the user's speed greatly.
Shape Shift Rare Vicious Cat A shape-shifting mysticker that has three forms to it; the first two make the user look like a cat-human while the third form turns the user into a giant monster cat.
Support Unknown Blast Plus Causes an explosion to whatever it touches.
Support Unknown Danjuurou When added to the mysticker Kabuki, it allows the mosquitoes to combine into a single giant mosquito.
Support Unknown XY Increases physical strength.
Other Unknown Concentration Trainer Responds to the blazer's concentration power by emitting an aura. Used to help train a blazer's concentration control.
Support Unknown Electromagnetic Disrupts usage of communication devices.
Summon Unknown Visitor Summons a fast regenerating creature with tentacled, mouthed hands. The creature targets and absorbs any blazers near it for their mental strength. It is used by Qilin Realm leaders to feed the Qilin Mystickers.
Weapon Unknown Gallatin Creates a white, broad sword. 'End of World': propels a person in a high velocity swing from Gallatin.
Summon Unknown Sleipnir Summons a white, winged unicorn that can transport people on its back.


Blazers are a group of special people that are able to control the power of the Mystickers by sticking them into their own skin and manipulating their power. The strength of a Blazer comes from the power of the mind and concentration. If a Blazer has mastered those abilities, their powers will be at their maximum, and the sticker will be impossible to pull off by anyone other than the Blazer who is using the sticker. If your mind isn't concentrated, the Blazer will hurt himself and the sticker will easily peel off.[2]

There are certain stickers that don't have any particular effect when used by normal people, but activate when used by a Blazer.[3]

Known Blazers are Ginga, Daichi's brother, and Daichi himself, Kuroki, Shiroh, Tamaki and a few of Kuroki's allies as well as the Nora-Bure (stray blazers). Daichi is an extreme example who fully found out about being a Blazer when his brother disappeared to another dimension, and was revealed to be one after a bully stuck an Ice Mysticker on his arm and nothing happened to his body. Instead, the Mysticker fired ice spikes everywhere hurting the bully (and Misora) and everything in a small radius but him.

Usually from what is said if a non-Blazer were to activate a Mysticker on the skin, it would permanently damage the body and the person would lose the body part.


No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
01 August 4, 2008 ISBN 978-4-06-380002-9
  • 01. The Inheritance
  • 02. The Decision of Setting Off
  • 03. Starting Mission
Daichi gets himself into a battle with Team Typhoon while trying to help someone. The fight goes on to a point where Misora gets injured and Daichi's brother, Ginga, saves them by blinding the Typhoon members with a Mysticker. Daichi gets into a fight with Ginga because of his rescue. Misora later on tries to cheer Daichi up with a Mysticker she found. He decides to show it to Ginga, but the mysticker gets ripped by Ginga. Daichi is upset and goes for a walk where he suddenly meets a hostile Blazer. The hostile Blazer reveals that the Mysticker Ginga ripped up was a trap. After an intense battle, Daichi loses Ginga to the hostile Blazer's warping Mysticker after Ginga reveals he and Daichi are Blazers, but gets the Mysticker the "God Stand" which instantly fries the enemy Blazer. The chapter ends with an emotional meeting with Ginga's ally, Kuroki, who offers his hand in support and friendship. Daichi and Kuroki head back to Daichi's house. A little later in the house, as Daichi is reminiscing over a picture, Kuroki cuts in and explains the evil Blazers, or Nora-Bure. Nora-Bure are soldiers for hire with a well built system, and Kuroki and Ginga are part of an organization built to stop them. Kuroki tries to reassure Daichi that Ginga is still alive, and Daichi resolves his sorrows by declaring that he will become stronger because of a promise he made to Ginga. After they go to Team Sky's base so they can leave Shiro, the family dog which Kuroki has a dislike toward. Just as Daichi was about to make his exit, Misora catches up. Daichi appears as if he's going to explain but simply says sorry for the accident earlier that day and tells her to take care of Shiro. Daichi is then brought to The Guardian Division's hangout, where Kuroki disappears as three Blazers appear and start beating on Daichi. He thinks about what his brother had said: that he was "doing nothing but picking fights", which made Daichi choose to stand down, opting not to pick a fight. Soon the first guy reveals he's a Blazer and is about to finish Daichi when Misora shows up. Kuroki comes out revealing it was just a test, which Daichi passed. After Daichi beats the blazer using his sticker, Kuroki quickly heals both fighters. After all that, he gets heckled at his new allies for protecting Misora without a second delay and explains to her the whole tale and since it's easy for info to leak out they place Misora under their watch. After passing the test, Daichi and Misora are taken to the Guardian Division by Kuroki. They meet up with the Division Head and she immediately gives Daichi and Kuroki a mission to retrieve a rare Mysticker that has been stolen.
02 December 4, 2008 ISBN 978-4-06-380018-0
  • 04. Showdown at 003
  • 05. Requirement to Become Superior
  • 06. Misora's Will
  • 07. The Shadow of Qilin Realm
Daichi manages to defeat the thief Yuuma and successfully retrieves the rare Mysticker. As soon when he wants to leave, he yet again faces someone who thinks Daichi is Yuuma and engages in a battle. When the battle ends in a draw, they realize they are both Guardians and immediately consider each other rivals. After a while, Master Beast appears and they are forced to combine their strength. A new character appear. It is a musician named Kaine, who uses a guitar Mysticker and forces Daichi to face his lack power to control Tamamayu. When Daichi lost control, Misora went and tried to protect Daichi's body from Kaine's attack and later, Kuroki with his mysticker, Necromancer, helped them to confront Kaine and his puppets. The Qilin Realm enters the Guardians HQ to find Daichi. The attack is lead by Shuga of the Black Kakutan.
  • 08. Training = Can Kicking
  • 09. Qilin Realm, On a Move!
  • 10. Despair Gives Courage to a Coward
  • 11. The Pride of a Woman

Chapters not yet in Tankōbon format

  • 12. The Light That Pierces Through Darkness
  • 13. Blazer Drive
  • 14. A Place to Return To
  • 15. The Bond Once Again
  • 16. The New Relationship
  • 17. The Fortune - Teller
  • 18. The Ice Witch
  • 19.
  • 20. Get Back!!

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