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Blazing Dragons
Blazing Dragons cartoon series title
Genre Cartoon series
Created by Terry Jones
Directed by Larry Jacobs
Voices of (See article)
Country of origin  Canada
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Executive producer(s) Stéphane Bernasconi
Michael Hirsh
Terry Jones
Patrick Loubert
Robert Réa
Clive A. Smith
Producer(s) David Beatty
Jocelyn Hamilton
Running time 30 min.
Original channel Teletoon (Canada)
Original run September 9, 1996 – February 16, 1998

Blazing Dragons is the title of a popular British cartoon series, the brainchild of Monty Python's Terry Jones. A coinciding graphic adventure video game was released for the original Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn in 1996 by Crystal Dynamics. The video game features the voice talents of several celebrities.

The series' protagonists are dragons who are beset by evil humans, reversing a common story convention.


Television series

From 1996 to 1998, Blazing Dragons was produced by Nelvana in Canada and Ellipse Programme in France. In the series, King Allfire and his Knights of the Square Table fight against the evil Count Geoffrey and his inept minions. It ran for two seasons consisting of 26 episodes in total. The cartoon episodes that ran in the United States were actually censored. Parts of episodes considered too overt such as Sir Blaze's sexuality, and minor cursing, were cut for American release.



Knights of the Square Table clockwise from upper left: Sir Galahot, Sir Loungelot, Sir Burnevere, Sir Blaze, King Allfire, Sir Hotbreath


Squire Flicker: The main character of the series, a squire under Sir Loungelot, he happily accepts any task his master gives him. Flicker longs for the day he'll become a Dragon Knight himself. He is in love with Princess Flame. Flicker is generally smarter and more competent than the Knights, and is an inventor far ahead of his time.

Princess Flame: The daughter of King Allfire and stepsister of Blaze. She returns Flicker's feeling of love. In season one, Flame was purple-haired, but in season two, she became a blonde. Her role seemed to diminish in season two.

King Allfire: King Allfire is the king of Camelhot, the head of the Knights of the Square Table, and married to Queen Griddle. King Allfire is also wielder of the legendary sword Excaliburn, but rarely uses it since he is semi-retired from fighting.

Queen Griddle: The second wife of King Allfire. She is the daughter of the gigantic Queen Mum, and is infatuted with Sir Loungelot. Griddle is also very short-tempered, and tends to get violent when angry. Due to her robustness, she is often the butt of many fat jokes.

Sir Loungelot: An incredibly lazy knight whose squire is Flicker. He treats Flicker more like a servant than a knight in training, but Loungelot is the favorite knight of Queen Griddle. This is because he kisses up to her and invariably takes credit for Flicker's successes. Loungelot is the son of the Lady of the Lake (something he is not proud of since she nags him constantly and talks about his choir boy brother). Loungelot loves gambling, sleeping, and most of all food, especially pastries (such as biscuits which he calls "bickies"). Loungelot is often the cause of much of the knight's trouble due to his crass and selfish nature.

Sir Blaze: Sir Blaze, "The Smartly Dressed", is the flamboyant and effeminate son of Queen Griddle and the stepbrother of Princess Flame. Blaze is unusually energetic, and is described as having amazing panache. He is one of the only three knights (the others Loungelot and Burnevere) who stays throughout the series.

Sir Burnevere: Sir Burnevere, "The Overly Educated", is a plucky hero with a Scottish accent and a tendency to use large words none of the other knights understand. Burnevere appears to be the oldest and wisest of the knights and often screams "Hoot McGregor!" when something bad happens to him. Burnevere is actually linked to the Scottish royal family, but turned down the throne at the thought of being surrounded by all his relatives.

Sir Galahot: Sir Galahot, "The Proper" is a large and imposing knight of the Square Table and the first knight to be introduced. He only appears in season one.

Sir Hotbreath: Sir Hotbreath, "The Not So Proper", is a short knight who has many ideas. Unfortunately he often ends up torching everything near him due to uncontrollable outbursts of fire-breathing burps. Like Sir Galahot he only appears in season one.

The Wandering Minstrel: In season one, The Minstrel introduced and closed out most episodes with a short verse or song related to the content of the episode. While breaking the fourth wall in Knights and Knightresses, Flicker remarks that he "thought he was just a background character who served as mere bridges between the scenes". In the second season, due to the shorter episode lengths, The Minstrel only appeared in the episode Shamrocks and Shenanigans as a secondary character, explaining that he was fired from Castle Camelhot.

Cinder and Clinker: A two-headed Dragon jester. Cinder, the left-sided head, is upbeat and perpetually happy, whilst Clinker, the right-sided head, is alway depressed and sullen. The duo serve as the comic relief in most episodes. Cinder's side of the body is a dark green, and Clinker's is a lighter shade. Cinder has light-blue hair, and Clinker has brown hair.


Count Geoffrey: The principal bad guy of the series, Geoffrey styles himself Dread Count Geoffrey de Bouillon, Oppressor Par Excellence of the Poor and Weak. His appearance changes from a purple knight's armor and red hair in season one to silver knight's armour with a dragon skull helmet and black hair in season two. Owner of Threadbare Castle, Geoffrey is always coming up with sinister "plans" to relieve the Dragon Knights of Castle Camelhot.

Evil Spy: An agent of Count Geoffrey dressed up in a purple dragon costume to infiltrate the Dragon Knights. His presence within the Dragon Knight ranks, usually while sensitive strategy is being discussed, never seems to be questioned by the other dragons, even though the costume is quite conspicuous.

Merle the Wizard: Merle the Wizard is a short, wise-cracking female magician who fits the stereotype of a witch much more than that of a wizard. She speaks with an American accent and often claims to have visited the future. When Count Geoffrey needs that extra edge in his fight against the Dragon Knights, Merle is often called upon and appears from a cloud of purple smoke.

Evil Knights #1, #2, and #3: The bumbling henchmen of Count Geoffrey. #1 is medium height, fat, and has a bushy mustache. #2 is short and skinny with a long pointy nose, and speaks in an Italian accent. #3 is muscular, bald, and appears to be the stupidest of the three. It is possible the trio are brothers, since #3 mentioned his mother in the sense she was mother of them all.

Peasants: Count Geoffrey is always exploiting the peasants of the village for either tax money or using them in some manner of slave labour such as catapult ammunition, or as human columns to hold up the ceiling of his crumbling castle.


Season 1

  • The Quest for the Holy Quail
  • A Gift for Griddle
  • Tournament Day
  • Excaliburn
  • Newt for a Day
  • Knights & Knightresses
  • Merle's Mirror
  • Renaissance Dragon
  • Robbing Hoodlum
  • The Stone of Wisdom
  • Hermits & Heroes
  • Sir Hare
  • Bleepin' Beauty

Season 2

  • A Killer Makeover / The Age of Retention
  • The Lost Ruby Hat of Omar the Ham / Achy Breaky Mace
  • Shamrocks and Shenanigans / Three Dragons and a Baby
  • King for a Day / Erik the Well-Read
  • Chain Mail Letter / You Dim Sum, You Lose Some
  • Excalibroke / Infernal Flame
  • MacBreath / Attila's Hot Buns
  • The Isle of Dwight / Ice Try
  • Single Green Dragon / Sphinx Jinx
  • Griddle's Sleepless Knights / Whine & Roses
  • The Reign in Spain / Geoffrey's Evil Pancakes
  • The Golden Thimble of Theodora / Seven Dragon Sins
  • Quest to Success / Slay the Dragon

Voice Talent

  • Edward Glen as Flicker
  • Aron Tager as King Allfire
  • Suzanne Coy as Merle the Wizard
  • Steven Sutcliffe as Queen Griddle
  • John Koensgen as Count Geoffrey (season 1)/Evil Knight #1
  • Cedric Smith as Count Geoffrey (season 2)
  • John Stocker as Sir Burnivere/Evil Knight #2
  • Dan Hennessey as Sir Hotbreath/Evil Knight #3
  • Richard Binsley as Sir Blaze/Minstrel
  • Stephanie Morgenstern as Princess Flame
  • Scott Wentworth as Sir Loungelot (season 1)
  • Juan Chioran as Sir Loungelot (season 2)
  • Rick Waugh as Cinder and Clinker/Sir Galahot

Selected Credits

  • Concept Created by: Terry Jones, Gavin Scott
  • Executive Producers: Terry Jones, Robert Rea, Stephane Bernasconi, Patrick Loubert, Clive A. Smith, Michael Hirsch
  • Produced by: Jocelyn Hamilton
  • Directed by: Lawrence Jacobs
  • Voice Director: Dan Hennessey
  • Animation Supervisor: Mark Petlock
  • Music Score by: Amin Bhatia
  • Theme Song by: Pure West

Video game

A video game based on the television series was created for the Sega Saturn console. In a twist on the legend of King Arthur, the player controls Flicker, who lives in Camelhot castle and is in love with Princess Flame, but is not eligible to ask for her hand in marriage because he is not a knight. However, the King has announced a dragon tournament, where the winner will not only win the princess but also become the new king.

As a young Flicker, the player must collect various objects and interact with an eccentric cast of dragon and human characters in order to solve puzzles. The player's overall quest is to become a dragon knight to compete in the grand tournament and win the heart of Princess Flame. However, the player discovers an evil human plot to take over the kingdom by kidnapping the princess.

As is the case with other graphic adventure games, the player can never die in the game or reach a point in the game where a puzzle cannot be solved. The humour in the game is heavily influenced by the British comedy of Monty Python and thus includes plenty of mild sexual innuendos, and other shenanigans.

While the video game leaves open the possibility for a sequel, no sequel for the game was planned.


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Blazing Dragons
Box artwork for Blazing Dragons.
Developer(s) Crystal Dynamics
Publisher(s) Mindscape
Release date(s)
 November, 1996
Genre(s) Adventure
System(s) PlayStation, Sega Saturn
ESRB: Kids to Adults

In Blazing Dragons you play Flicker the Dragon, an oft-frustrated inventor in love with the princess, and ridiculed by the knights of the square table. The game is based on a popular British TV series called Blazing Dragons.

Blazing Dragons centers around interacting with characters and collecting items to solve puzzles. It is impossible to die or get to a place where a puzzle can not be solved.




  • Up dpadDown dpad : highlight menu item
  • Left dpadRight dpad : change setting
  • Cross button : confirm selection

General gameplay

  • Neutral dpad : move action icons
  • R1 button : cycle forwards through action icons
  • L1 button : cycle backwards through action icons
  • Cross button : use selected action icon
  • Triangle button : open/close inventory
  • Start button : pause/continue


  • Left dpadRight dpad : move cat-a-pult
  • Cross button : launch cat (hold down to charge)

Rabbid Rabbits

  • Cross button : blink
  • Neutral dpad : choose bunny

Thumb Wrestling

  • Neutral dpad : move thumb
  • Cross button : drop thumb
  • L1 buttonR1 buttonL2 buttonR2 button : pin/break pin


Items you collect are in bold.

You start the game in your (Flicker's) room.
Look at the table, take and look at the jar, and also the inventor's book.
Look at the bed and take the tail-warmer.
Leave your room, you are now in the upstairs hall.

The door you see is the library.
Take the candelabra sitting in the wall.
Leave through the bottom left of the screen.

You will go through some conversation, then wind up in the kitchen, where you must do the dishes.
Look at the sink, then take the mop.
Put the candelabra on the kettles.
Put the tail-warmer on the candelabra's open end
Put the mop in the cup-rack
You now leave the room and return to the square table room

The square table room has 4 exits, the stairway to the left leads back to the upstairs hall. The left-most door is the kitchen, the middle door is the entrance-hall, and the right-most door is the royal bedroom hallway. Enter the right-most doorway.

In the royal hallway you can follow the hall back to the square table room, take the left door to the king's bedroom, or take the right door to the princess's bedroom. Take the left door.

You are now in the king's bedroom.
Take the magazine on the bed.
Take a pipe-cleaner from the bench, then try to take another for fun. Leave.

You are back in the royal hallway. Take the door on the right.

You are now in the princess's room.
Take the bottle on the fireplace.
Return to the square table room.

Take the middle (entry hall) door
Tell the lady in the information booth that you need help and she'll give you a map. After this the door will open.
Leave through the now open door or by looking at the map.

On the map take the bottom (beanstalk) option.

You are outside the psychiatrist's house. Take the bean and use the bottle on the bald lady. After this take her hair. Talk to her and you'll trade the (now empty) hair tonic bottle for her shears. Go to the stadium on the map.

You are at the stadium. Go through the arena archway. Put the pipe cleaner in the anthill. Go to the practice range. Play the catapult game until you win, then collect the cat. Go to the princess' room.

In the room of the princess, ask her for advice on becoming a knight. Use jar on the princess after you miss catching her kiss. Go back to the psychiatrist.

At the psychiatrist's office, go inside. Use the pipe cleaner on the piper and the jar on the naked man. Take the frog and go to the middle knight.

The middle knight is threatening the king. Use the bean in the garden. Go see the top knight.

The top knight is obsessed with his reflection, use the frog on the frog. Go see the last knight.

The last knight is hunting the black dragon. Follow the trail to the next screen and use the cat on the dog. Talk to the knight and ask about chain mail. Go to the room of the princess.

The princess wants to run away. Use the hair on the window, then go to the chancellor's room.

In the chancellor's room take the stamps and the crackers near the birdcages. Look at the book then go to the library.

Tell the librarian that you need help finding a book. Ask for "Crushing the Will of the Weak With No Remorse". Take the duster, then talk to the jester. Tell him "What are you doing", "Ok" and "Yes". Return to the library and use the mirror on the jester.

Go to the room of the princess and take the suitcase and the sheet. Return to the library.

Use the suitcase on the jester then go to black dragon field.

Take the pitchfork and go to the arena.

Use the pitchfork by the statue and take the mole. Use the duster on the pizza-dragon. Take the paddle. Go to the woods on the map.

Note the dodo's plight and go to the library.

Use the dodo stamp on the endangered species board and return to the woods.

Go to the town and use the coal on the angry peasants. Take the paddle and the head and go into the juice bar.

Accept the job and go outside.

Talk to baseball player and give him your cracker. Go back into the bar.

Take the prunes by the monks. Try to take the comics and say "What's the big deal". Once you win the contest take the comics and go to Sir George's castle.

Put the prunes in the newspaper and use the ribbon on the newspaper. Use the bell and use all the options on the speech menu. Ring the bell again and use the delivery option. Use the package on the guard, then go in the side door. Go up the left side, then back to town.

Use the head in the manure and go back to the bathroom.

Use the head on the servant. Go back to the main castle hall.

Use the right doorway.

Go down the stairs.

Take the paper on the table. Look at the paper. Go back upstairs.

Use the wheel next to the exit for the black dragon. Use the paper on the guard next to the gate. Go back downstairs.

Use the bone on the door holding the princess. Return to the forest.

Use the rust-b-gone on the bear trap. Go to the sign-cleaner.

Use the mole on the dirt by the sign. Try to take the stilts and mention "Eddie Ember" to the sign-cleaner. Go back to the town.

Use the sheet on the post in the corn. Take the corn. Go to the trapped knights.

Talk to the knights and go to the mines.

Talk to the bird and use the magazine on him. Take the pick and a canister, as well as some dust near the bird. Go to the knights.

Go underground and use the pickaxe on the peg on top of the shaft. Go to the juice bar.

Give the peg to the baseball player. Go to the lake.

Use the stilts on the water to the right to cross. Take the sword out. Take the oar. Use the top of the dryer to set it to delicate. Put the corn in the dryer, then in the canister. Go to the knights.

Use any of the paddles on the knights. Go to the kitchen.

Find and take the tongs, which should be above and left of the kettles.

Go to George's castle and use the tongs on the eel. Go to the lady in the lake.

Use the eel on the boat. Ask about the cave of dilemma. Go to the waterfall, go into the cave and take all the tests.

Test of Dexterity: Use the shears on the hedgehogs, then spin them.

Test of Strength: Use the whistle on the rock.

Test of Eye-Hand Coordination: Keep track of the health rabbit, blink when the rabbits aren't moving.

Test of Something a Wee Bit Scary: Use the soap on the laundry and the powder on the cloud. Go to the tournament.

Beat the thumb-wrestling. Go to the catapult range.

Use the canister on the catapult, and aim for the black dragon, pulling back all the way. You will now end up in the dragon.

Pull your lever. Use your clicker on the joystick, the use the shears on the cord while Merlin tries to restart the engine. You win!


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