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Blender Foundation
Formation May 2002
Type Non-profit organization
Purpose/focus Development of Blender
Headquarters Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Region served Worldwide
Chairman Ton Roosendaal
Website Blender Foundation

The Blender Foundation is a non-profit organization responsible for the development of Blender, an open source program for three-dimensional modeling.[1]

The foundation is noted for having produced the animated short films Elephants Dream (2006) and Big Buck Bunny (2008).[2][3]



Chaired by Ton Roosendaal, the original author of the Blender software, the foundation is funded by donations which are used to employ Roosendaal full-time as its lead developer. The foundation's stated primary goal is "to give the worldwide Internet community access to 3D technology in general, with Blender as a core".[4]

As the owner of the Blender web site, the foundation provides various resources to support the community formed around using and developing Blender. In particular, it organizes an annual Blender Conference in Amsterdam[5] to discuss plans for the future of Blender, as well as staffing a booth to represent Blender at SIGGRAPH[6][7], a larger conference concerning computer graphics in general.[8]

Open Movie Project

On 18 May 2006, the foundation's open movie project released its first film, Elephants Dream.[9]

On 10 April 2008, the foundation released its latest film, Big Buck Bunny.[10][11][12] Based on the movie, the foundation released its first Open Game project, Yo Frankie!, in November 2008.[13]

The next project is an short action film named Sintel (codenamed Durian).[14]


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