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Map excerpt showing Bligh Reef.
Map excerpt showing Bligh Reef and automated beacon.

Bligh Reef, sometimes known as Bligh Island Reef,[1] is a reef off the coast of Bligh Island in Prince William Sound, Alaska. This was the location of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.[2] After the incident, US Code 33 § 2733 mandated the operation of an automated navigation light to prevent future collisions with the reef.[3] Bligh Reef is also where Alaska Steamship Company's Olympia ran aground in 1910.[4] Despite these efforts the tug Pathfinder ran aground on Bligh Reef on Dec 24, 2009, rupturing its tanks and spilling diesel fuel.[5]

Bligh Reef serves as a fishing ground for halibut[6] and a harvesting area for shrimp.[7] The nearest town is Tatitlek, which lies 7 miles to the northeast.[1]

The reef was named after William Bligh, of future Bounty fame, who served as Master aboard ship during James Cook's third world voyage.


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Coordinates: 60°50′26″N 146°52′48″W / 60.8405556°N 146.88°W / 60.8405556; -146.88



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