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  • First Appearance- Legion of Super-Heroes Secret files and origins #2 (June 1999)
  • Status - Villans
  • Base- 30th Century
  • Powers- ability to absorb life from energy world and leave planet in ruins

Blights have been mentioned as techno organic beings whose body compose of rotting flesh and technology. They started off in search galaxies in quest of immortality. As a result they met a powerful being called Doda (who can teleport across galaxies)who turned the blights into perpetual decaying beings.

In episode 2 of the Legion of Super heroes, the legion come across the Doda and the Blights and destroy the teleportation device in the cruiser held by the Dodas. Without this device which uses the cruiser's stargate technology, the Blights are unable to teleport or spread their putrefaction across galaxies



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