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Directed by Anasuya Samanta
Produced by Phoenix Films International
Written by Anasuya Samanta
Starring Debesh Raychowdhury
Music by Ashok Bhadra
Cinematography Sandip Sen
Editing by Khitij Rajkumar
Distributed by Phoenix Films International
Release date(s) 19 September 2008
Running time 125 mins
Country India
Language Bengali
Budget Rs. 45 lacs

Blood (Bengali: জোর (2008) is a Bengali Movie was released in 2008. Directed by Anasuya Samanta, the movie featured Debesh Raychowdhury, Anasuya Samanta, Manojit, Sutanuka, Mita Chatterjee, Sameer Mukherjee, Manjula Polle and Bhaswar Chatterjee.



The story revolves around sequential incidents of a serial-psycho killings of married women of high class societies, suffering from the obsession of lust and sexual perversion. The case comes to limelight when Noyonika Choudhury, elder daughter-in-law of Minister Sayan Choudhury was brutally murdered. Forensic and postmortem reports revealed her sexual involvement with the culprit prior to murder. The case was then taken over by the Senior Officer (Debesh Roy Choudhury) of Special Branch of Kolkata Police assisted by his group of three officers- Sanjib (Manojit), Zinia (Anasuya) and Sharmi (Sutanuka). The officials remained perplexed about the motive only to discover the sequential gap of two days between each murder and the that all the victims were married, belonging to high society and were sexually perverted. They also found names of all the victims starting with the initial “N”. Finally, after a long round of hide and seek game of crime and love-birds (Sanjib and Zinia), the culprit, Bickramjit Sinha Roy (Arindam) gets trapped and confesses the infidelity of his beloved wife Nibedita as the motive behind such brutality. The confession reveals the tragedy of Bickramjit, infected with HIV positive which was carried to him by his wife, who while his husband was away got sexually involved with an infected sexmate.


This was a digital film and the main theme of the story was based on a real life police-case. The film enouraged anti-AIDS awareness. Anasuya Samanta, was the life and soul of the film. She acted in the film, directed it and also wrote the script for it. The film was shot in the town of Burdwan, Kolkata, Mandarmoni and various spots of North Bengal. After a rigourous shooting of one month, the film became ready for editing. One interesting aspect of the film is that it is shot by Anasuya Samanta at the age of 23, probably the youngest director in the history of Bengali film industry.


The film was released all over West Bengal on 19th September 2008. The film was distributed and produced by (Phoenix Films International), a production house based in Kolkata.

Critical Response

The film focused on the topic of HIV AIDS. It showed how it can transmit from person to person through sexual contact. It received a good response throughout West Bengal. Some viewers were overjoyed by such depiction of the truth which happens daily in the middle class and high class society.

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