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Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight
Directed by Oley Sassone
Produced by Roger Corman
Written by Allison Butnett
Starring Don Wilson
Richard Roundtree
Gregory McKinney
Richard Paul
Rick Dean
Stan Longinidis
Charles Boswell
John Cardone
Laura Stockman
Peter "Sugarfoot" Cunningham
Music by Nigel Holton
Cinematography Rick Bota
Editing by Eric L. Beason
Distributed by Concorde Films
Release date(s) January 3, 1992
Running time 88 minutes
Country  United States
Language English
Preceded by Bloodfist II
Followed by Bloodfist IV: Die Trying

Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight (aka Forced to Fight, Forced to Fight: Bloodfist III) is a 1992 action/adventure film starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Richard Roundtree, and Gregory McKinney. It was directed by Oley Sassone and written by Allison Burnett. The film was released theatrically on January 3, 1992. The film grossed less than $50,000 in one week, and was pulled after a one-week theatrical run. This would also become the final film in the series to be released theatrically, as the other five sequels went straight-to-video.


The film opens with Jimmy Boland as he practices his kick-boxing moves in what appears to be a dojo. After the opening credits roll, a cell door is closed to reveal that he is in jail.

The prison director is then shown holding a press conference about his run of election as mayor, and about the prison itself, the Whigate State Penitentiary, and assures the public that everything is secure. At the same time down in Cell Block A, a guy named Luther and his friends rape a black man. Jimmy Boland arrives and attempts to break it up. Before Luther lets him go, he stabs him. Luther and his men challenge Boland to a fight. Luther is knocked down by Boland, but grabs two knives as he gets up. Boland twists the knife and stabs Luther in self defense. A female reporter witnesses this on a monitor and alerts the prison director to this situation.

Luther is seen in the infirmary room and Boland is held as a suspect in his death. The prison director wants Luther’s death covered up, and Warden Taylor comes up with an idea to transfer him to Cell Block C.

At Cell Block C, a man named Stark wakes up and witnesses another cell mate name Blue having his cell checked by a guard. The guard finds a drug supply in Blue’s toilet, and notifies him that Luther is dead and that "the chink cut off line of supply". It is also revealed that everything in the prison system is connected. With Luther taken out of the frame and money not given to the guards, then the guards have no choice but to take it up with the warden. Blue holds a grudge against Boland.

Boland gets transferred to Stark's cell, and word gets around, via a misunderstanding, that Boland murdered Luther because of his skin color. All the black people fear him, as he sits alone for breakfast. He witnesses another prisoner, Diddler, get abused as he walks over with his tray to join Boland. Boland, out of pity, gives him his fruit and piece of bread. Another inmate approaches Boland, introduced himself as Wheelhead, and thanks him for killing "the nigger" and lets him slide even though "he's a chink". Boland breaks his finger and kicks him, but doesn’t leave before Wheelhead informs him who his true friends are on the inside.

Stark catches Boland reading one of his books, and takes it away because he doesn’t ask. He asks to borrow one of Stark's books later on, and Stark is surprised by the fact he knows something about Malcolm X when he hands him the autobiography. That night Boland goes over to the laundry room to due his task. Stark is introduced to Wheelhead's supremacist friends and Boland challenges a few of them after they antagonize him. He challenges and knocks Willie out, kicking him into a pile of hanged sheets. After leaving the room Wheelhead says that whatever friendship he had with Boland is over and that "he’s going down".

One morning while exercising, the supremacists gang up on him. However, with a quick reaction from Diddler, Boland fights back and kills Leadbottom in self-defense. He is held in isolation for 30 days, however he is let out a few days early after the warden does some threatening. Blue’s men later attack him several times, but it isn’t until Diddler sees this and tells Stark that Stark intervenes and reveals the truth.

A few days later, Blue goes to French Fry and Sporty Black and tries to organize the brothers and get revenge on Boland. Both of the men refuse and later take Boland's side. Blue then joins forces with Wheelhead and stabs Diddler while the others enjoy their entertainment.

Upon seeing Diddler's dead body, Boland knows who did it and eyes revenge. Blue goes to the warden and rats on him, while the warden gets a brilliant idea to split them up over the President's Day holiday: where the prison director is back for the day, along with the same reporters from the beginning of the movie.

The warden tips Lucas off with money and a note telling each man to split: Boland is taken outside, while Stark heads to the infirmary. Once outside, Boland knows something is up, but is too late as Stark gets stabbed. Word gets around in the jail, and a riot looms. The same female reporter asks what the riot is about, and is told what happens. Boland douses Blue and Wheelhead with gasoline, along with the jail cell. The police and the warden arrive to break up the fight, and Blue and Wheelhead both confess to stabbing Stark. Before being taken back to solitary, Boland hands the burning stick to the cops and tells the warden to “do his job”. The female reporter, whose name is revealed by the prison director as Connie, tells the prison director to "watch it all on the 6 o' clock news" after she catches him in a lie.

A few days later, a person walks out of prison with a cane. He walks into the daylight and is revealed to be Stark, injured but okay. Jimmy and Stark say their goodbyes, and Sam promises to defend him on the outside of the gate and hands him a law book as the gate closes. The movie ends as Jimmy Boland is returned by Lucas to his cell.


  • Don "The Dragon" Wilson as Jimmy Boland
  • Richard Roundtree as Samuel Stark
  • Stan Longinidis as Leadbottom
  • Gregory McKinney as Blue
  • Rick Dean as Wheelhead
  • Richard Paul as Goddard
  • Charles Boswell as Taylor
  • John Cardone as Diddler
  • Brad Blaisdell as Pisani
  • Tony DiBenedetto as Tony D.
  • Andre Rosey Brown as Clint
  • J.W. Smith as Sporty Black
  • Laura Stockman as Connie
  • Kevin N. Davis as Stewart
  • Pete "Sugarfoot" Cunningham as Champ
  • Bob Schott as Weird Willy
  • Joe Garcia as Chicago
  • Angelo Callahan as French Fry
  • Jon Freedman as Guard
  • Max Hunter as Inmate Palmer

J.C. Motes as Prison Guard

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