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Blowfish is an online sex toy catalog offering erotic toys, books, supplies and videos.


Founded May 1, 1994 Blowfish was one of the first online sex toy catalogs. With the motto "Good Products for Great Sex", Blowfish is known for their honest, thorough and often humorous reviews of their products. "We cater to the 'clean, well-lit' market," founder Christophe Pettus once remarked, "but we're also appealing to those who are old-fashioned enough to think that sex should be a little bit dirty."

Blowfish is also, according to the "San Francisco Bay Guardian", known for carrying a number of "sex toys as art forms," often fashioned out of glass.

In 2003 Blowfish created Blowfish Video with their release of Clearly Sex, a video highlighting handmade acrylic sex toys created by local artist Cate Cox.

In 2005 Blowfish Video teamed up with Pink and White Productions and produced The Crash Pad, the first video directed by Shine Louise Houston. The Crash Pad was well-received and lauded for featuring realistic lesbian sex. Later that year, The Crash Pad went on to win the 2005 Feminist Porn Award for Hottest Dyke Sex Scene.

In 2006 Blowfish Video and Pink and White Productions produced Shine's second hit, Superfreak (named after the 1981 hit single, Superfreak produced and performed by Rick James, the movie features the ghost of the funk star coming back and creating sexy mischief at an all-girl party), which won the 2007 Feminist Porn Award for Best Dyke Scene.

In 2007 Blowfish Video and Pink and White Productions produced Shine's third hit, In Search of the Wild Kingdom, a pomo-porno-mocku-documentary which won the 2007 Feminist Porn Award for Best Trans Sex Scene.

On June 21, 2007 the company was named one of seven organizations to attain a ranking in's "Sex Shop Hall of Fame".

In 2008 Bondage Boob Tube, a movie directed by Madison Young and produced by Blowfish Video, won the Feminist Porn Award for Hottest Kink Film.

Blowfish founder Christophe Pettus is known for speaking up on political subjects related to free speech and freedom of commerce. He provided a technology conference in Austin, Texas with its "quote of the day" regarding regulation: "I wish the video lobby was as strong as the gun lobby, because there'd be whole states where you couldn't get elected unless you said you whacked off to adult videos" "Austin Chronicle".

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