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Bo Brantz
Spriggan character
Bo Brantz.jpg
Bo after confronting Yu Ominae in Egypt
First appearance Crystall Skull Arc
Created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryōji Minagawa
Nationality German
Occupation Neo-Nazi Soldier
Affiliations Neo-Nazis, Kutheimer Faction (Former)
Trident Corporation (Current)
Skills Martial arts expert
Ninjitsu training with ability to create perfect illusions of himself

Bo Brantz (ボー・ブランツェ Boo Burantse ?) is a fictional character in the manga series Spriggan created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryōji Minagawa. A member of a Neo-Nazi faction led by the former Nazi German officer Kutheimer, Bo Brantz looks forward to the day when Fascism is able to spring itself from dormancy once more. He later becomes a reluctant and tragic hero when he fights against COSMOS child soldiers with Iwao Akatsuki.

His surname can also be spelt as Brantze.





A secret agent for a Neo-Nazi faction based in Egypt, Bo served as Kutheimer's chief bodyguard in his organization. Like most of Kutheimer's men, Bo was an ardent supporter of the day that a Nazi-led government would be able to rise out of defeat by the Allied Forces during World War 2 by using the Crystal Skull that Hans Schneider had acquired by murdering Shozo Kawahara after informants have informed Kutheimer that he had the skull.

Though his skills with reflex skills were superb and impressive, it was merely done to his ingestion of steroids that gave him a disadvantage over Yu Ominae and Oboro since the two were able to outwit him using their martial arts skills. In addition to his ninjitsu training, with the ability to create multiple illusion of himself. He was later paralyzed when Oboro used a Dim Mak attack that made Bo unable to move. But, Oboro encouraged him to retrain himself and forget about ingesting further steroids. [1]

Later on, Bo encounters Yu again during an operation to recover the Holy Grail from Kutheimer himself. Only this time, he had no need for steroids as he had used self-training to improve himself. [2] Though being able to fight well, Yu still won over him by using an avalanche that trapped him and after he was able to escape and fought with Yu, Tea Flatte and Yoshino Somei, the secret cave where the Vajrayana was kept in was utterly destroyed when the Adolf Hitler clone destroyed the place due to its psychic overload in handling the Vajrayana. In the explosion, Kutheimer and almost all of its members were killed.


Realizing that Bo had no place to go, he had joined up with the Trident Corporation, where he had a steady alliance with Japanese Trident agent Iwao Akatsuki. In the SS Eugenio E, he fought again against Yu for the last time before teaming up with him to save the passengers of the ship from crashing into an iceberg when a chandelier was about to smash into a young boy due to the violent turbulence when Bo jumped in the air and executed several kicks to smash it into pieces. He later saved the same boy when he fought against Sidewinder. In the end, Bo was wounded when Sidewinder fired several steel dart heads on his stomach, making him critically injured.

Nearing the end, Bo teamed up with Iwao to fight against COSMOS child soldiers recruited by Trident Corporation to assassinate them after the former had been targeted by his former superior, Larry Markson [3]. Though that the two were able to stop them with Yu Ominae and Jean Jacquemonde's help, Bo died of his critical injuries when another waves of COSMOS soldiers had wounded him with their combat knives, ending his life.


Though an ardent support of propping up a future fascist government in the future, Bo has different methods of accomplishing it. He doesn't allow anyone to harm women and children in his quest to establish a fascist regime [4][5]. On the other hand, Bo thought of Oboro as a traitor when Yu revealed his real name to him [4].

In the end of the series, Bo's personality changed from a Neo-Nazi supporter to a person who only wanted to end the madness of destroying the entire planet. He selflessly fought against COSMOS soldiers, now integrated into the Trident Corporation as he teamed up with Iwao Akatsuki, Jean Jacquemonde and Yu. However, the blonde man died of his wounds, which makes him a tragic hero. [6]


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