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Bob Mellors
Born 1950
Died 24 March 1996
Occupation Writer, Gay rights activist

Bob Mellors (b.1950 d.24 March 1996 in Warsaw) was a British gay rights activist.

A tiny spark can cause a prairie fire.[1]

Bob Mellors, unveiling a plaque at the LSE for the 20th anniversary of the founding of the GLF



In 1970 Bob went to New York and became involved with the Gay Liberation Front (GLF)[2] becoming friends with Aubrey Walter[3] during demos outside the Women's House of Correction in New York. Meeting up with the Black Panthers helped to crystallize their ideas on gay liberation and they decided to create a London version of the GLF.[4]

As Bob was working in the LSE he booked the room for the first meeting of the London GLF in the Clare Market building owned by the LSE, on 13 October 1970. Also taking part in that meeting were David Fernbach (author and Aubrey's partner), Richard Dipple (involved in the Albany Trust), Bill Halstead (LSE student) and Bev Jackson (later running for college office with the slogan "Bev the Lez for Prez").[5]

During the 1970s Bob came to know Charlotte Bach, a writer and teacher. At her death Charlotte was found to be a man, Karoly Hajdu, a fact Bob had never guessed. Charlotte left Bob her library and Bob wrote her biography but never had it published.[6][7]

When the British GLF faltered in 1974 Bob Mellors helped in the formation of more specialized lesbian and gay community groups.

Bob never made any money from his writing and in London survived by art school modelling and working in the box office of the Electric and other cinemas.

In 1994 Bob moved to Warsaw "for the company of Polish youth". He taught English to Polish telecommunications staff. He was preparing an article on young Polish sexual identity for the gay journal Perversions[8] just before his death.

Bob Mellors was found stabbed to death at his home in Warsaw on 24 March 1996. This was the result of a burglary at his flat. Bob is buried in Nottinghamshire.[9][10][11]

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