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Body Bags
Directed by John Carpenter
("The Gas Station" & "Hair")
Tobe Hooper
Larry Sulkis
Produced by Dan Angel
John Carpenter
Sandy King
Written by Billy Brown
Dan Angel
Starring Stacy Keach
David Warner
Sheena Easton
Mark Hamill
Robert Carradine
Music by John Carpenter
Jim Lang
Distributed by Republic Pictures Corporation
Release date(s) 8 August 1993
Running time 91 min.
Language English

John Carpenter Presents Body Bags is a 1993 horror / thriller TV movie directed by John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper. The film is an anthology, feature three unconnected stories, with bookend segments featuring Carpenter and Hooper as deranged morgue attendees.

The first story, "The Gas Station", features Robert Carradine as a serial killer, with a cameo by Sam Raimi as one of his victims. The trademark of his serial killings were to cut off all toes and fingers of his victims, and freeze dry them to make into "trophy necklaces". "Hair" follows Stacy Keach as he gets a botched hair transplant that inevitably infests him with an alien parasite, and "Eye" is another transplant story, this time featuring Mark Hamill as a baseball player who loses an eye in a car accident and receives a transplant, only to be overtaken with the personality of the eye's previous owner — a murderous misogynist.

Originally, Showtime Networks planned to create Body Bags as a television series, similar to HBO's Tales from the Crypt. However, shortly after filming began on the project, the network didn't feel it was in their best interest to pursue the series. The three completed stories were assembled around John Carpenter's narration segment, and Body Bags became a horror anthology.


The Morgue

The Gas Station



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