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Y1 is a Boeing Commercial Airplanes project to replace the 737-700, 737-800, 737-900 and 757-200 product lines. It may also replace the 717 and 737-600 lines. The Y1 is also known as the 737RS (for "737 Replacement Study.") [1]



Y1 is part of Boeing's Yellowstone project. It will be an entirely new aircraft rather than a further 737 derivative and will use much of the systems, structural and design technology of the 787. New technologies expected to be introduced include composite aerostructures and more fuel-efficient turbofan engines (however, other engine types are being researched). It is expected that Y1 will feature a wider cabin than the Boeing 737 or the Airbus A320, possibly even using a twin-aisle design. Although at the present time the available information is scarce, preliminary studies seem to indicate that any cost advantage over existing models will be marginal until newer engine technology is available.



CFM International is currently proposing a new engine as a successor to the CFM International CFM56 family, currently known as the LEAP-X.[2]

International Aero Engines has not yet made any proposals for a new engine, however IAE shareholders Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney are currently studying their own designs for future engines for the Y1 and Airbus NSR. Pratt and Whitney is proposing to use geared turbofan technology for the Y1 and NSR, while Rolls-Royce is proposing a three-spool turbofan.[3] Neither manufacturer has announced a decision on whether they intend to produce their engines alone, or as part of the IAE joint venture.

Current status

The family may comprise direct replacements of the existing 737 models, however Boeing is also investigating the possibility of two different types with different fuselage and wing sections — one in the ~100 seat market and the other in the ~200 seat market.[4]

The Y1 family will likely compete with Bombardier's recently launched C Series aircraft, scheduled to enter service in 2013 with Lufthansa. Airbus is also studying an all-new short-range aircraft, dubbed the Airbus NSR, which would also compete with the Y1.[3]

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