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Bombard may refer to:

  • The act of carrying out a bombardment
  • Bombard (weapon), a type of late medieval siege weapon.
  • Bombard (music), a contemporary double reed instrument used to play traditional Breton music.
  • Alain Bombard, a French sailor who crossed the Atlantic on a rigid-hulled inflatable boat with no water or food.
  • Bomb vessel, a type a sailing ship carrying heavy mortars for bombarding positions on land

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BOMBARD (derived through Med. Lat. and Fr. forms from Gr. 130ยต 1 3eZP, to make a humming noise), a term applied in the middle ages to a sort of cannon, used chiefly in sieges, and throwing heavy stone balls; hence the later use as a verb (see Bombardment). The name, in various forms, was also given to a medieval musical instrument ("bombard," "bumhart," "pumhart," "pommer"), the forerunner of the bass oboe or schalmey. At the present day a small primitive oboe called bombarde, with eight holes but no keys, is used among the Breton peasants.

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