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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to direct Bomberman in any one of the four cardinal directions.
  • A button: Press the A button to drop a bomb on the tile that Bomberman is currently standing on. If Bomberman does not possess the Detonator power-up, the bomb will self destruct after a couple of seconds.
  • B button: Only used if you have the Detonator power-up. Press the B button to detonate the oldest bomb that you have remaining on the screen.
  • Start button: Pause the game.
  • Select button: Not used during game play.




You control Bomberman throughout his efforts to climb the 50 floors of the underground labyrinth and reach the surface in order to become human. In order to do this, you must accomplish two things on each floor: You must destroy every enemy, and you must reveal the exit which can only be used once ever enemy is defeated. In addition to this, every floor contains one power-up that can increase Bomberman's abilities, as well as his chances for survival. Bomberman begins the game with ability to produce one bomb at a time with an explosion range of one square. Power-ups can be collected to increase both the number of bombs he can drop, and the range of the explosions. The touch of an enemy, and being caught in an explosion are both lethal to Bomberman (but he can withstand explosions if he collects the Flamepass power-up). Ordinarily, the bombs detonate on their own a couple of seconds after being dropped, but the Detonator power-up can give Bomberman the useful ability to detonate the bombs on command whenever he chooses. Bomberman's bombs can also detonate one another in chain reactions.


There are eight different enemies in the underground labyrinth, each one a little different from the others. They move at a variety of speeds, with the fast monsters capable of overtaking Bomberman at full speed. They have varying degrees of intelligence. Some wander aimlessly about the stage, while others hone in on you and stay on your trail when you try to get away. And three of the monsters are capable of passing through the walls effortlessly. They are much harder to destroy, but if you happen to blow up a wall that they are inside of, they will be killed in the process.

Enemy Name Points Speed Smart Wallpass
Image:Bomberman_Balloom.png Balloom 100 slow low no
Image:Bomberman_Oneal.png Oneal 200 mid mid no
Image:Bomberman_Doll.png Doll 400 mid low no
Image:Bomberman_Minvo.png Minvo 800 fast mid no
Image:Bomberman_Kondoria.png Kondoria 1000 slowest high yes
Image:Bomberman_Ovapi.png Ovapi 2000 slow mid yes
Image:Bomberman_Pass.png Pass 4000 fast high no
Image:Bomberman_Pontan.png Pontan 8000 fast high yes


There are eight different power-ups. Some are more rare or valuable than others, but it's a good idea to make sure you find the particular power-up hidden in every stage. To miss out on one is to put yourself, and Bomberman, at a disadvantage.

Power-up Name Description
Image:Bomberman_Bombs.png Bombs For every Bomb power-up that you collect, you can deposit one more bomb on the stage simultaneously. After the first Bomb power-up, you can drop two bombs, after the second, three bombs and so on. The earlier Bomb power-ups are more essential than the later ones.
Image:Bomberman_Flames.png Flames For every Flame power-up that you collect, your explosion range increases by one square. For the first Flame power-up, you bombs will explode two squares in every direction, for the second, three squares and so on. Increasing the range of you explosions allows you to fight enemies at a safe distance. Just make sure to remember how far away from your own bombs you must travel to be safe.
Image:Bomberman_Speed.png Speed This power-up is so rare, that you will only encounter it once throughout the whole game. Fortunately, it's very early on, and it makes a substantial difference in how fast Bomberman will move throughout the labyrinth. It helps Bomberman escape his pursuers more easily.
Image:Bomberman_Wallpass.png Wallpass This power-up gives you the ability to pass through brick walls, just like some enemies do. You can only pass through walls which can be blown up, so you can't pass through the concrete posts that mark the corners of every intersection. You will lose this power-up if you die.
Image:Bomberman_Detonator.png Detonator This is the second most valuable power-up in the game, after the Flamepass power-up. The Detonator gives you the ability to detonate the bombs that you lay whenever you wish. After you collect the Detonator, press B button to detonate the oldest bomb that you've left on the screen. Just make absolutely sure that you are clear before you detonate any bombs, or you will lose this precious ability.
Image:Bomberman_Bombpass.png Bombpass This is a useful power-up that will help prevent you from blocking yourself in a small space by ending up on the wrong side of one of your bombs. Should you find yourself trapped behind a bomb in the wrong direction, this power-up will allow you to walk back through the bomb and continue to safety. You will lose this power-up if you die.
Image:Bomberman_Flamepass.png Flamepass The Flamepass power-up is the most valuable power-up in the game, even more so than the Detonator. It reduces the threat to Bomberman's survival by eliminating explosions as a source of Bomberman's deaths. With this power-up, Bomberman does not need to fear getting caught in one of his own explosions. In fact, it allows him to extend the chain reactions that his bombs can make by simply placing bombs in his own path. Do not allow yourself to lose this ability by getting killed by a monster.
Image:Bomberman_Mystery.png Mystery The Mystery power-up isn't really a mystery at all. It always grants you temporary invincibility. During this time, you can be killed by neither monsters, nor explosions. However, it does not last a very long time, so don't rely on it heavily in your stage conquering strategies.

Bonus items

There are six bonus items that are very difficult to come upon, each more difficult than the last. Only one particular bonus item is available to you on each stage. You not only need to know how to make each bonus item appear, you also need to know which bonus item it is that you are attempting to trigger, making them nearly impossible to find without advanced knowledge (see the walkthrough for more information.)

Bonus Name Points Reveal Method
Image:Bomberman_Bonus.png Bonus Target 10,000 You must reveal the exit and pass over it without killing a single enemy.
Image:Bomberman_Goddess.png Goddess Mask 20,000 After killing every single enemy, you must walk all the way around the outer circle of the stage.
Image:Bomberman_Bottle.png Cola Bottle 30,000 Before you kill all of the enemies, you must reveal the exit, walk over it, and continue to press the Neutral dpad in that same direction for a short period of time.
Image:Bomberman_Famicom.png Famicom 500,000 After destroying every enemy, you must detonate over 248 bombs with chain reactions. (It is not possible to get this bonus if you have the Detonator power-up)
Image:Bomberman_Nakamoto.png Nakamoto-san 10,000,000 You must destroy every enemy without breaking a single wall, a nearly impossible task. (If any enemy is trapped inside the walls, this bonus will be impossible to obtain.)
Image:Bomberman_Dezeniman.png Dezeniman-san 20,000,000 Without destroying a single enemy, you must destroy every single wall on the stage and you must detonate a bomb on the exit three times (and you still may not destroy a single enemy.)


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