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Allied aircraft bombed Japanese forces and installations in South-East Asia during 1944-45. These air raids included planes from aircraft carriers in the Indian Ocean and land-based heavy bombers, operating from bases in India, China and Australia. The Allied air forces struck at Japanese targets in China, Burma, the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), Thailand, Malaya and Vietnam.


Royal Navy

By 1944, the German Navy no longer presented a major threat and the Royal Navy was able to transfer major units to the Far East. This would fulfil a British wish to become involved in the Pacific War. First, however, experience was required of large-scale naval air operations and of United States procedures. To this end and to degrade Japanese capabilities, attacks were made on Indonesian oil installations, some in concert with the American carrier, USS Saratoga.

  • Cockpit - BEF Sabang Raid 44/04/19
  • Transom - BEF Surabaya Raid 44/05/17
  • BEF Port Blair, Andaman Is. Raid 44/06/19
  • Crimson - BEF Sabang Raid 44/07/25 - Sommerville Force
  • Millet - Nicobar Islands Bombardment
  • Outflank - BEIF Pangkalan Brandan Raid 44/11/20
  • Lentil - Pankalan Brandon Raid 45/01/04
  • Meridian - Palembang Raid 45/01/25
  • Sunfish - Sabang Bombardment 45/04/08-18
  • Bishop - BEIF Covering Operation for Rangoon Landing

x Penang 45/05/15

United States Army Air Force


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