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Bondage Fairies
Cover of The New Bondage Fairies, Number 11
(Insect Hunter)
Genre Hentai, Fantasy
Author Teruo Kakuta (credited as Kondom)
Publisher Japan Kubo Shoten
English publisher United States Eros Comix
Demographic Seinen
Magazine World Comics
Original run July 1990April 1991
Volumes 1
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Bondage Fairies (インセクト・ハンター Insect Hunter?) is a famous erotic manga about fairy fetish. It was originally a comic series in Lemon Kids magazine (July 1990—April 1991) where it was titled Insect Hunter. The manga is drawn by Teruo Kakuta (pen name "Kondom"). The series was later published in the United States with translated English text. It is the first hentai (erotic) manga officially published in the United States.[1]

The original series is about two forest fairies, Pfil (pronounced as either p'fill, or "fill", like the male name Phil; she once corrected another fairy for calling her "piffle") and Pamila, who work as hunters protecting the forest, though not all of the series feature them as main characters. Pfil is more naïve and innocent in appearance, while Pamila is more sexually mature and open, although both frequently and easily engage in all sorts of sexual acts. The sexual content varies from masturbation, to lesbian sex, to fetishism, to bondage, to bestiality (with birds, animals and insects). The stories often involve the two fairies saving the forest whilst engaging in various sexual acts. The comics often include small educational sections titled "Pfil’s educational comics corner", with topics ranging from insect behavior to human anatomy.

The series

So far six series have been made:

  • Bondage Fairies (originally published as "Insect Hunter" in Japan), published in the USA in 2001–2002 by BD érogène (ISBN 2-7474-0039-5, ISBN 2-7474-0059-X)—6 chapters
  • The New Bondage Fairies, published in the USA in 1999–2000 by Fantagraphics under its Eros Comix imprint and Studio Proteus (ISBN 1-56097-373-0, ISBN 1-56097-406-0)—16 chapters
  • Fairies Fetish, published in the USA by Eros Comix and Studio Proteus—8 chapters. The collected books edition of "Fairie Fetish" has an additional "The Care and Feeding of Fairies" section in the back
  • Bondage Fairies Extreme published in the USA by Eros Comix and Studio Proteus—15 chapters
  • The Original Bondage Fairies published in the USA by Eros Comix and Studio Proteus—11 chapters. This is a rehashed edition of the series Bondage Fairies which includes a new translation, some new panels, cosmetic changes to page layouts, and the removal of some censorship that was present in the initial Bondage Fairies series. Despite the difference in the number of chapters between Bondage Fairies (six) and The Original Bondage Fairies (ten), the story line is the same. The Original Bondage Fairies merely has shorter chapters.
  • A further short story was included in Kon-Dom's Short story collection Hontou wa Eroi Otogibanashi" from 2005 (published by Kubo Shoten).
  • In 2006, a collection of short stories entitled Cruel Sisters was published in Japan. It consists of The Original Bondage Fairies as well as seven re-edited short stories from Fairy Fetish.
  • The Original Bondage Fairies published in Italy by E.F.edizioni (5 issues).
  • The New Bondage Fairies published in Italy by E.F.edizioni (8 issues).

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