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Bondage Queen Kate
(Nessa no Wakusei—Jokouankan: KATE)
Genre Hentai, Crime, Sci-fi
Original video animation
Director Takashi Asami
Studio Japan Swirl Recordings
Licensor United States Kitty Media
Released 1995
Episodes 2
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Bondage Queen Kate (熱砂の惑星-女公安官ケイト Nessa no Wakusei—Jokouankan: KATE ?) (also known as Boiled Sand Planet) is a 1995 anime OVA directed by Takashi Asami. It has been released as VHS and DVD, both available with English subtitles. An English dubbed version was also released on VHS.



Episode 1
The story revolves around the main character, the virginal Kate Curtis, who is sent on her first assignment for the Federal Space Army Galaxy Police. The story is set far in the future, with interplanetary travel seemingly common. Her mission is to act as bait to discover who is kidnapping and raping all the young women. Upon finding some of the kidnappers (Brick and Dick, also unknowingly turning down Jenkins), Kate is drugged, raped, then blackmailed by the kidnappers. She is then taken to the hideout of the organization behind the kidnappings, Ulfan, where she realizes the hideout is really an underground BDSM dungeon.
Episode 2
Kate is told she is now Brick's 'pet', and is trained as such. She meets Amy, Brick's jealous 'pet' and Brick's ex wife Cathy, who interrogates Kate to find out if she is loyal to Brick, which Kate is found out to be. Jenkins, infuriated that Kate had been 'given' to Brick and not him, is captured by the Galaxy Police and happily hands over a map of the base in return for his freedom.

The show has a post-credits sequence in episode 2 where 'the real ending' is revealed.


  • Kate Curtis (鈴木 海来)

Kate is a lieutenant of the Federal Space Army Galaxy Police Security Department. A virgin, she has thick red hair and claims to be 34-26-35, and it is claimed by Major Jones to be prefect for the mission as she is 'very pretty, buxom and an air-headed slut'. Kate falls for her kidnapper and rapist Brick and is horrified when she learns that Brick has another 'pet', Amy, and when she is led to believe he also has a wife, Cathy. When the hideout is under attack Kate is forced to escape with Cathy. She is told to walk towards the coal mine, but is picked up by the retreating Galaxy Police. After enquiring of the whereabouts of Brick, Lieutenant Jones explains that Brick, Dick and Boss had escaped the facility in escape pods, at which point Kate says to herself she will see Brick again.

  • Brick (健一)

Brick is a member of the Ulfan, he has olive skin and brown hair. Brick has no compunction in raping Kate, and even boasts about how he often rapes women and trains them to be his slaves. Blackmailing Kate to do what he says, he takes her back to the hideout, where he is 'given' Kate by the Boss. Brick makes sure Cathy and Kate are safe when the hideout is attacked and then forces Dick and Boss to run to safety, whilst he deals with Jenkins, who tries to kill Brick. Who in turn shoots Jenkins in the leg and watches as a concrete pillar collapses on him. At the end Brick is shown to be safe and well at the coal mine waiting for Kate.

  • Dick (智久)

Dick is a bellboy at a love hotel but also runs a tour and escort service. A member of the Ulfan, Dick is in his late teens and has long ginger hair. He is seemingly immature and relies on Brick for help and advice. It is insinuated he too raped Kate whilst kidnapping her. Only seen again twice, once when he is found spanking Bricks 'pet' Amy and again when the Boss sets off the self destruct system, where Dick takes the wounded Boss to safety and escape.

  • Jenkins (原久)

Jenkins is a rival of Brick's within the Ulfan, however he is much the opposite. He has pale skin with blonde hair, and seemingly has an anger problem. His advances towards Kate at the airport were rejected and as such, Kate was ‘given' to Brick, much to Jenkins' annoyance. Jenkins leaves and is then found to be flogging his ‘pet’ to death. After attempting to attack Brick, he was beaten and then left the hideout, only to be arrested by the Galaxy Police. He happily trades a map of the base for his freedom, and takes great delight in watching the downfall of the Ulfan. Armed with a light machine gun, he enters the hideout and attempts to shoot and kill Brick, Dick and the Boss, but only succeeds in lightly wounding Boss. He runs out of bullets and is shot in the leg by Brick. Jenkins then dies when a concrete pillar falls on top of him.

  • Smith (智久)

Smith is a lieutenant of the Federal Space Army Galaxy Police Security Department like Kate. However, Smith is Kate's backup. His squad of soldiers arrest Jenkins and he then launches an assault on the hideout, which Smith is part of personally, armed with a heavy machine gun. His retreating squad eventually falls back, finding Kate in the process. He explains to Kate that Brick, Dick and the Boss escaped the destruction.

  • Jones (智久)

Jones is a major of the Federal Space Army Galaxy Police Security Department. Smith is the one in charge of the mission. However he is seemingly more interested in karaoke singing than the mission, and puts Smith in charge of the assault.

  • Boss (智久)

Boss is an elderly gentleman who is head of the Ulfan. He somehow knows Kate is a police officer and shows no remorse in his ordering and forced servitude of women. He is not shown to be sexually involved in the servitude though. He 'gives' Kate to Brick over Jenkins, much to Jenkins annoyance. Boss is the one who sets off the self destruct sequence when the hideout is over run by the Galaxy Police. He is shot in the arm by Jenkins, but is led to safety and escape by Dick.

  • Cathy (??)

Cathy is Brick's ex wife. Of a tall, slim stature, blonde hair and late-twenties in age. She claims Kate would make a good wife for Brick, upon realising they have fallen for each other.

  • Amy (??)

Amy is one of Brick's pets, she has dark hair but small breasts, which she is being given pituitary drugs to develop. She announces she has just turned 19. It seems she too has fallen for Brick.

Fetishes present in Bondage Queen Kate

Cast and Staff

  • Director : Takashi Asami
  • Script : Yuji Kishino
  • Character Design : Ryoichi Oki
  • Production : Five Ways (company)

Voice actors:


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