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Boney was an Australian television series made in 1972 and 1973, featuring James Laurenson in the title role. There were two series made of 26 episodes in total. Boney's real name and title is Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte.

The series was based on Bony, the character created by Arthur Upfield in dozens of novels from the late 1920s until his death in 1964. In the novels, the name is spelt 'Bony'. Bony has a Masters Degree in Criminal Science from Brisbane University.[1] He is half Aboriginal and half-European. His white father is unknown and his Aboriginal mother was murdered while he was still an infant.[2]

The name was spelt 'Boney' for the television series, and some later editions of the novels kept this spelling.

Bony was also a telemovie made in 1990 and a spin-off TV series in 1992 (using the original 'Bony' spelling). However, the series was criticised for casting Bony as a white man (played by Cameron Daddo), under the tutelage of "Uncle Albert", an elderly Aborigine played by Burnum Burnum.

Record producer Frank Farian named the 1970's disco band Boney M. after the character Bonaparte, as Farian had been watching the Boney series a great deal at that time.



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