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Boomerang LA logo.jpg
Launched July 2001
Owned by Turner Broadcasting System Latin America / Time Warner
Slogan Tu Espacio (Spanish)
Seu Espaço (Portuguese)
Your Space (English)
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Sister channel(s) Cartoon Network
Website Official Site

Boomerang Latin America is a 24-hour cable television channel owned by Turner Broadcasting System, a unit of Time Warner broadcasting in all Latin America. Initially it was focused on classical series and shows, being the Latin American version of Boomerang from the United States. In 2006, it relaunches becoming the Latin American version of POGO from India, marketed mainly on children. In 2008 it relaunches again with its own original identity and programming. It is now focused on teen-oriented programming with original and syndicated series and movies. It also airs music video clips and concerts.



Boomerang logo from July 2001 to April 3, 2006.

The channel was launched on July 2001 with the same logo and programming from the United States version. It aired classic programming and different shows and series that had been dropped from Cartoon Network.

On April 3, 2006, the channel is relaunched as a general children's network, becoming a version of Cartoon Network's sister network in India, POGO. Boomerang, with a new logo, started to air new series and shows, divided into different programming blocks which were the same that are aired on India's POGO. Those blocks included pre-scholar programming "MiniTV" ("TinyTV" in POGO), teen programming and classical programming. Each block had different colours which represent them.

On January 2008 the channel is relaunched again, but this time keeping the same logo. The channel becomes a 24-hour teen-focused channel, with original and non-original productions and only focused on teenagers.

Since then, Boomerang has been airing successful original shows, as "BoomBox", which includes interviews and live concerts with different musicians from all Latin America, United States and more recently, United Kingdom.

On April 1, 2009 the channel launched a mobile service. [1]

Programming blocks

Until 2008 Boomerang aired different blocks on different schedules for different audiences. The programming blocks included segments for young audiences, teenagers, and classical programming at night. The blocks were "color-coded" as the logo of the channel changed its color depending which programming block was being aired.

On January, 2008 the channel decides to focus its programming only on teenagers, dropping the pre-scholar and classic programming of the channel. As February, 2009 all the programming in all the schedules carry the same blue-green colored logo.



  • Regular programming. During the normal programming the logo keeps being blue/green. This programming block takes most of the schedule from Monday to Sunday. It's mainly focused on teenagers. It includes series, reality series, music shows, video clips and others.
  • Luces, Cámara, Boomerang/Luz, Câmera, Boomerang ("Lights, Camera, Boomerang"). This programming block is the only one who already existed on the former Boomerang and wasn't dropped from the channel. It airs different movies, most of them focused on teenagers. The logo keeps its original colors.


  • MiniTV ("TinyTV"). It consisted of pre-scholar programming focused on kids from 2 to 6 years old. It was aired everyday on the mornings. The logo turned yellow during this block. It was dropped on October, 2008.
  • Regular programming. It aired regular programming, most of it focused on kids and family. It was aired mostly during the day. The logo turned red or sometimes translucent white.
  • Live Action. It aired teen-focused programming, with series, reality series and music video clips. It was aired in late afternoon and early night. The logo turned blue and green colored.
  • Película Boomerang/Filme Boomerang ("Boomeang Movie"). Movie sesions during the day only on weekdays. The logo turned totally blue.
  • Matinee del Domingo/Matinê de Domingo ("Sunday Matinee"). A movie during the morning of every Sunday. The logo turned red with orange.
  • Boomerang Clásico/Boomerang Clássico ("Classic Boomerang"). Classic programming aired everyday at night and early morning until dawn. The logo turned totally green.

Current Shows on Boomerang Latin America

Current programming

Título en Ingles Título en Español Título en Portugues
Split (TV series)[Premieres In April]
Stoked Na Onda
Gilmore Girls Tal Mãe, Tal Filha
Instant Star Instant Star
Total Drama Action ¡Luz, Drama, Acción! Luzes, Drama, Ação!
Roommates Espacios compartidos Espaço Dividido
Overruled! Corte juvenil A Galera da Lei
Family Biz Negocios de Familia
The Secret Life of the American Teenager La Vida Secreta de la adolescente americana A Vida Secreta de Uma Adolescente Americana
Survive This Survive This ¿Quién quiere irse? Sobreviventes
Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z Las Chicas Superpoderosas Z As Meninas Superpoderosas: Geração Z
The Assistants Los Asistentes Os Assistentes
Heartland (Canadian TV series) Heartland Heartland
Dance Dance Dance (aired only in Brazil)
The Adrenaline Project Proyecto Adrenalina Projeto Adrenalina
Temporada de Moda Capricho (aired only in Brazil)
6teen Locos Dieciseis Seis Dezesseis
Radio Free Roscoe La Radio Libre de Roscoe Rádio Livre de Roscoe
Foreign Exchange (TV series) Intercambio extranjero Portal do Intercâmbio
Rebelde Rebelde
Somos tú y yo (not aired in Brazil)
H2O: Just Add Water H2O: Sirenas del Mar H2O: Meninas Sereias
Darcy's Wild Life El mundo salvaje de Darcy Darcy: Uma patricinha na Fazenda
What I Like About You (TV series) Las Travesuras de mi hermana Coisas que eu Odeio em Você
Scout's Safari Scout en África
Don't Blame Me No Culpes al Koala A Culpa Não é dos Coalas
The Latest Buzz Los rumores más candentes Zoação Teen
Lockie Leonard Lockie Leonard Lockie Leonard
Girls In Love Chicas Enamoradas Garotas Apaixonadas
Flight 29 Down Rescate Vuelo 29 Resgate Voo 29
Snobs (TV series) Las Aventuras de Snobs Snobs, Meu Melhor Amigo
Blue Water High Blue Waer High: Escuela de Surf Galera do Surfe
The Sleepover Club (TV Series) El Club del Dormitorio Clube do Travesseiro
Ruby Gloom

Muestra que han tenido fuera de la región de América Latina Boomerang calendario de

1 - previamente visto en Cartoon Network | 2 </ sup> - en la actualidad también se observa en Cartoon Network | 3 </ sup> - repite se ven en Fashion TV Brasil

Former programming

Mini TV

Classic Boomerang

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