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Boq is a minor character in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.[1] He becomes a more prominent character in Gregory Maguire's 1995 novel Wicked, which purports to show the lives of some of Baum's characters from another perspective, and more prominent still in the Broadway musical Wicked which is based on Maguire's novel.

In Baum's novel, Boq is a rich Munchkin who provides shelter for Dorothy on her journey to the Emerald City.

In Wicked, Boq is a Munchkin who attends Shiz University with Elphaba and Galinda (who would grow up to become The Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch respectively). In the musical adaptation of Wicked (but not in Baum's or Maguire's books), Boq becomes the Tin Woodman.

Boq in the novel Wicked

In Maguire's novel, Boq has very little interaction with Nessarose, and while he does fancy Galinda, he does not become involved with either girl. Boq narrates a whole section of the book in the Shiz University section of the novel. However, Boq befriends Elphaba, as they were childhood playmates, and assists her in doing research for Doctor Dillamond. Boq becomes friends with Crope, Tibbett, and Avaric, although he appears to be jealous of Avaric, due to his good looks, charm, and money. His infatuation with Galinda, which never comes to more than a brief kiss, gradually lifts and they become friends. Boq eventually marries Milla, one of Galinda's classmates at Crage Hall. The two wed and return to Boq's Munchkindland farm. Elphaba encounters Boq not long after Nessarose's funeral, as she inquires after Dorothy, and again after her assault on Madame Morrible.

Boq in the musical Wicked

In the musical, Boq is the love interest of Elphaba's younger sister, Nessarose (who would later become The Wicked Witch of the East). However, the feeling is not mutual; Boq only became involved with Nessarose in hopes of impressing Galinda, on whom he truly has his heart set. Unfortunately, Galinda has so little regard for him that she cannot remember his name (calling him Biq). When Nessarose eventually becomes the governor of Munchkinland, she uses her power to enslave Boq as her personal servant. When Boq confesses his love for Glinda, Nessarose becomes extremely angry with him. At that point, she casts a spell on him from Elphaba's spell book, the Grimmrie but mispronounces it. This causes Boq's heart to shrink until it is completely gone. In a desperate attempt to save Boq's life, Elphaba turns Boq into the Tin Woodman. Unlike in the novel, Boq plays a considerably condensed role in the stage production.

He was originally played by Christopher Fitzgerald. Other actors besides Fitzgerald to play the role include; Randy Harrison, Robb Sapp, Telly Leung, James Gillan, Jeremy Legat, Adam Wylie and Anthony Callea.


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