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Bosco Adventure
Air ship journey full of friendship, adventures and love.
ボスコ アドベンチャ
(Bosco Daiboken)
Genre Fantasy
TV anime
Director Taku Sugiyama
Studio Nippon Animation
Network Yomiuri TV
Original run October 6, 1986March 30, 1987
Episodes 26
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Bosco Adventure (ボスコ アドベンチャ Bosco Daiboken?) is an anime TV series produced by Nippon Animation, mainly inspired by a book "Storie del Bosco" of the Italian writer Tony Wolf, and other books of this author. The series was very popular in Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and were shown in many European countries (Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, SFR Yugoslavia, Spain, Poland, Russia), America (Canada, Chile, Mexico, ...), and other parts of world like Egypt, Djibouti, Cameroon and South Korea. They were big success in France, Italy and Japan, but not very famous and was not commercialized in the UK or USA since they were never released in English. The Japanese DVDs were released on 25 July 2003.



The story is about a young elvish princess Apricot (アプリコット ひめ) whose mission is to return to her home - Fountain land, occupied by evil forces of a monster called Scorpion (スコーピオン), before the total eclipse of the Sun. If she manages to sit on a throne before the eclipse, she'll release a great power of water that will destroy the occupators. To prevent that from happening, she's been kidnapped by mysterious cloacked man called Hoodman (フードマン), and his, rather clumsy, aides: Jack (ジャック) and Franz (フランツ). Their mission is to keep princess away from her home land until the eclipse. In the first episode, she escapes from the villains by sending a message by her trusty mechanical bird Speak (スピーク). The princess's urgent call for help is accidentally heard by habitants of Bosco forest: brave and adventurous Frog (フローク), intelligent and ingenious inventor Tutty (タッティ), and cowardly, but kind and warm-hearted Otter (オッター). They save her from the villains, and the princess becomes a part of Bosco crew. Guys decide to help Apricot finding her way back home, before it's too late. On their way to Fountain land they get into myriad of adventures, where they prove their desire and ability to help and protect those who are in need, and where their own relationships between each other flourish and develop into strong friendship and love.



Main characters

Princess Apricot (アプリコット ひめ?)
Voiced by Yuko Minaguchi
Kind, generous, friendly, mild elvish princess whose mission is to return back home to Fountain land before the total eclipse of the Sun. Her parents were killed by a monster Scorpion that occupied her homeland. Aboard the Bosco ship she is at first respected as a real princess, but being humble and everything but egocentric, she made clear that she doesn't want guys to call her Princess Apricot, but Apri, a short and convenient nick name which they'll start to use in the first episodes until the end. She is the one that encourages friends to help others in trouble, even though it delays her progress. And often, she notices beautiful sceneries such as flowers, meadows, etc. Her character adds a softer and feminine side to the rest of the crew. She is always ready to help with everything aboard Bosco, and regularly helps Frog with every problem. Apricot and Frog's relationship develops in different way then with Tutty and Otter. As the story goes on, romantic elements are combined with strong connection to each other, from the first contact on the deltaplane, to the very end.
Frog (フローク?)
Voiced by Shigeru Nakahara
Brave, adventurous, strong, skilled, clever, a young habitant of a Bosco forest. Leader of the Bosco crew (even though he denies it). Good friend with Tutty and Otter. Throughout the episodes, he often fights with Tutty because of the opposite opinions and ideas. Apricot is the one who calms them down. Often explores the surrounding area around the ship with binoculars, drives Bosco in dangerous situations, etc. Gains strong feelings for Apricot.
Tutty (タッティ?)
Voiced by Hiroya Ishimaru
Ingenious, smart, intelligent, Tutty is behind every move of Bosco crew. He is the one who invents all machines: jet-pack, hovercraft, accessorising vehicles, and even the Bosco ship, which was used as a house before the saving of princess. Fights often with Frog. Always fixes something on his table, even fixed and upgraged Speak so he can communicate with others. Always has the right idea in the right time.
Otter (オッター?)
Voiced by Koichi Yamadera
A bit cowardly and shy, but knows how to be very useful in the same time. He is the engineer of the Bosco ship, as he lights the fire and keeps it strong so that Bosco can travel. Spends most of the time in the loft. Hangs out mostly with Tutty, and also helps Frog and Apricot with everything. He's a good cook too.

Minor characters

Speak (スピーク?)
Voiced by Hiroko Fukujun
Apricot's mechanical bird, looks a lot like a toucan, but actually resembles to parrot, because he repeats words spoken to him. Tutty first fixed him, after he was hit by a lighting (Otter found him), to hear Apricot's message, and second time to the point where he could communicate with others. Very close to Apricot. He doesn't appear in episodes 04, 05, 06, 07, 11, 14, 15, 16, 20, 24.
Ender (エンダー?)
Voiced by Kôhei Miyauchi
A noble man from Fountain land, appears in episodes 13-21, and in 26. He carried the message to the Apricot and informed her more about her quest. He couldn't get on well with the rest of the crew at the beginning (he couldn't understand how they called her Apri instead of Apricot!), but the tensions cooled as the story moved on, and he helped the guys in many ways.
Owl (アウル?)
Voiced by Kôhei Miyauchi
Wise owl of the Bosco forest. Appears in the first episode when Otter asks him for help with Speak. Appears later in most of episodes with other characters from forest as a part of "Bosco home", a short sequence of a small instructive story with characters from Bosco forest which was shown at the end of most episodes before the closing titles.
Raby (ラビィ?)
Voiced by Naoko Watanabe
Funny rabbit from Bosco forest.
Hedgy (ヘッジィー?)
Funny hedgehog from Bosco forest.
Crow (クロウ?)
Funny crow from the Bosco forest.
Jenny (ジェニー?)
Voiced by Miki Itou
Female rabbit, also from Bosco forest.
Araiguma (アライグマ?)
Voiced by Chieko Honda
Racoon from the Bosco forest.
Kasasagi (カササギ?)
Ornith, Crow's passion, habitant of Bosco forest.
Giant (きょじん?)
Appears in 2nd episode, on the Sleepy Giant's mountain.
Leon (レオン?)
Appears in 8th and 9th episode, ruler of Oasis.
Pansa (パンサ?)
Leon's counselor, appears in episodes 8 and 9.
Unicorn (ユニコーン?)
Voiced by Hiromi Tsuru
Appears in episodes 10 and 11, alone on a mysterious island.


Main characters

Hoodman (フードマン?)
Voiced by Banjo Ginga
Cloacked man, dressed in black, mercenary of Scorpion. Leader of big air ship called Scorpion, and the boss of Jack and Franz. Haunts the Bosco ship from episode to episode, what actually keeps the story interesting and dynamic. In the beginning we see him as a fierce, strong and scary leader, but as the story moves on he becomes more euphoric, stressed and devastated, mainly because of his incompetents aides and the intervention of Damia later in the series. By the end, we see him as completely different, rather funny and crazy.
Jack (ジャック?)
Voiced by Sanji Hase
Cat-like servant of Hoodman, always goes as a team with Franz. Looks fierce, but is clumsy actually. Often uses weapon to attack Bosco ship from Scorpion (bombs, catapults, etc.)
Franz (フランツ?)
Voiced by Kenichi Ogata
Dwarf-like servant of Hoodman, resembles to Ender. Drives the Scorpion. Likes to eat a lot.

Minor characters

Damia (ダミア?)
Voiced by Rihoko Yoshida
Perhaps the most impressive character of the series, young, beautiful, angry and dangerous woman. Right hand of Scorpion, possesses a private army. Her first appearance is in episode 15, although she actually appears earlier, in episode 13, but for a short time. She is sent as the replacement for Hoodman, his back up precisely. Makes Bosco's progress harder, but in the same time a lot easier, since she fights also with Hoodman from time to time. Loyal to Scorpion, as he promised her half of the world after she deals with Apricot.
Koumori (Messenger) (コウモリ?)
A bat, messenger of Scorpion. Carries messages from his Master to Hoodman. Often gives him ideas and helps him how to catch the princess. Appears for the first time in episode 5.
Scorpion (スコーピオン?)
Voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata
Mysterious monster who gained control of Fountain land. His voice appears for the first time in episode 5. We see him later in episode 13, when Hoodman asks for new ship (same time when we see Damia for the first time), but he's behind a curtain. He appears in the episode 24 in his real shape.
Oja (オージャ?)
Big lizard, which was the chief of the tribe that captured Apricot in episode 13. He appears in the episode 14, when Hoodman tries to exchange kidnapped Apricot for Frog - as Oja only wants to eat. Oja agrees, but eventually friends manage to escape the lizard's castle - leaving the lizard chieftain with an empty stomach.


# Episode Name Original air date
1 "Sarawareta yousei no hime - Bosuko gou hasshin!" (大剣 さらわれた妖精の姫·ボスコ号発進!)  October 6, 1986
Princess Apricot, with her loyal bird Speak, is kidnapped by Hoodman in his flying ship Scorpion. She manages to send a cry for help by Speak, but unfortunately for her, a thunderbolt hits him. Next morning, somewhere in the Bosco forest, Otter finds the bird and brings it to his friend Tutty who fixes it and the crew hears the princess' message. Tutty's house is actually a flying ship, so the crew transform it and fly to help the princess, with Speak guiding their way. Two ships meet on open-air territory and princess manages to jump from the Scorpion. Luckily, Frog saves her with a delta plane. Princess tells them her story, and they agree to return her to her home, Fountain land. 
2 "Nemureru kyojin wo okosuna!" (眠れる巨人を起こすな!)  October 13, 1986
Princess is having a dream about her throne disappearing. Later, in the distance, the crew sees the Sleepy Giant's mountain (ねむれる きょじん の やま), as Hoodman starts catapulting the Bosco ship. Two ships get carried by a storm, and Bosco starts drifting down the mountain. At one point, ship falls above the sleeping Giant, only held by an anchor to the rock above. Bosco crew fixes the damage while trying not to wake up the sleeping one. Hoodman finds the ship and starts attacking it. Frog throws ashes in Giant's face which makes him cough and blow away the Bosco ship. Angry Giant then throws a huge rock at Scorpion. Bosco reaches Dragon's valley (ドラゴン だに) 
3 "Doragon-dani ha kiken ga ippai" (ドラゴン谷は危険がいっぱい)  October 20, 1986
Jack and Franz stole Dragon's baby. The Bosco crew lands in the village and shortly after continues their travel. But not too far away, the Dragon starts attacking them, believing they have her baby. She does some damage to the ship but they manage to run away by turning on the turbo speed system which made the ship go very fast. They crash in a tree near the village, and people welcome them again. That night Hoodman flies over the village and demands the princess in exchange for the little dragon. Apricot feels guilty about it. Tomorrow, Dragon starts destroying the village searching for her baby. Apricot manages to talk quietly with her and she goes away. Tutty upgrades Speak so he can communicate with others. He goes back to Bosco forest and bring wine to the friends, establishing a connection with Bosco forest habitants and Bosco crew. 
4 "Ganbare! Kodomo Doragon" (がんばれ!子供ドラゴン)  October 27, 1986
Apricot dreams again, this time about her mother calling her. She wakes up hearing Dragon crying for her son. After the guys repaired the ship, Apricot "borrows" Tutty's hovercraft, as she feels guilty about the disturbed peaceful situation in the village because of her. She manages to go to the Northern Swamp, the alleged Hoodman's hideout. Hovercraft stops working as she climbs aboard the ship. Hoodman ties her with the little dragon. In the meantime, the guys have realized that Apricot is missing and they start the ship to look out for her. Back in Scorpion, Apricot finds out that little Dragon blows fire if he gets kissed, so she uses that technique to get them both free. Then, they take Tutty's jet pack, which Jack and Franz have stolen in the first episode. As Bosco and Scorpion approach one another, princess jumps off the ship with little Dragon and the jet pack. Soon after that, Dragon comes and burns the Scorpion, while Apricot jumps to the Bosco ship. Friends say good-bye to people from village and dragons, with Apricot promising that they will see each other again. 
5 "Hikaru kinoko wo te ni irero!" (光るキノコを手に入れろ!)  November 3, 1986
Hoodman's got the Bosco ship on fire, demanding that they give away the princess. Frog and Tutty start arguing, because they ran out of wood, and the only source are planks from the Bosco ship, but Tutty is against doing that, since they are basically tearing down the ship. After turning on the ventilation system, Bosco ship lands onto river, with Tutty falling in water because of the high impact. At Scorpion, Messenger brings a message to Hoodman from their master, who reminds him of his quest. Then, he orders Jack and Franz to bring him cold water from the river. Tutty has a strange fever, so Apricot and Frog go to find some cure for him. While talking with villagers they find out that the water from the river is poisonous, so that made Tutty and Hoodman borh sick. Villagers say that only shiny mushrooms growing in the depths of Castle of Evil, an infamous and dangerous place, can cure them. Jack and Franz overheard the conversation, and after informing their master, they head out in the underground vehicle to the caves. Apricot and Frog are also in the race; they construct a special vehicle and set out to find the shiny mushrooms. 
6 "Dai ma kyuu no deddohi-to" (代魔宮のデッドヒート)  November 10, 1986
Apricot and Frog have numerous deadly adventures in the Castle's depths, with Hoodman and his aides on their trail. After great number of obstacles, the paths of two opponents split up, with Apricot and Frog getting the mushrooms first, because Hoodman's vehicle has fallen in the poisonous water, just in front of the mushrooms site. While getting the mushrooms, Frog accidentally triggers the mechanism that stops the pouring of the black water, which made the river poisonous in the first place. Apricot insists on giving the mushrooms to Hoodman, Jack and Franz, since they got poisoned with water after their vehicle fell in it. Unwillingly, Frog listens to her and they feed the bad guys with shiny mushrooms. 
7 "Apurikotto hime kikiippatsu" (アプリコット姫 危機一髪)  November 17, 1986
Apricot's mercy wasn't accepted in a good way, as Hoodman kidnaps her and throws Frog into the water. Frog is saved by Otter, after the river brought him back to Bosco ship. They cure Tutty, and start the ship, going in the cave to save the princess. In the meantime, Apricot was running from the villains through the underground caves. After they saved her, friends continue their travel, with Tutty and Frog becoming friends again. 
8 "Fu-doman no okashi na majikku" (フードマンのおかしなマジック)  November 24, 1986
Friends reach the desert. Messenger gives the idea to Hoodman how to catch the princess and the crew. There is a mechanism that stops the water of Oasis, diversing it into another direction. Hoodman uses it to cheat the people of Oasis how he is a great prophet, and that he can make the water disappear. He says that the ship which will soon land there is full of devils and that they need to be imprisoned. Bosco lands soon after the Hoodman's fraud, and the people from Oasis imprison them, everyone except Otter - as he managed to stay inside the ship, in the loft. In the evening, he disguised himself and went to help his friends, being kept in the Oasis' dungeon. He finds the big bag full of water, which Hoodman plans to use in his further magic tricks. Jack and Franz meet Otter, who luckily escapes from them. Hoodman gives to order to everyone in Oasis to capture the remaining devil. 
9 "Oashisu no bukimi na chikarou" (オアシスの不気味な地下牢)  December 1, 1986
Though he had a good intention, Otter also gets imprisoned. But luckily, friends dig a hole in the wall, allowing the diverse water to fill the room. As the level of water was rising, they were digging a hole in the ceiling. In the same time, Hoodman was trying to keep the people of Oasis still deceived, so he gave them some water from the bag from a conjured spring site with a little help by his aides. The citizens discover his fraud, just as a blast of water sets Bosco crew free. Leon, the guardian of Oasis, and his apprentice, Leon, gave the legendary treasure, a map to Fountain land, to Apricot. The friends fly further. 
10 "Bosuko gou kaijou hyouryuu" (ボスコ号海上漂流)  December 8, 1986
Friends reach the open sea. Hoodman starts attacking them with bombs, but the big one explodes aboard the Scorpion, splitting it in half. But a small one has made a hole on Bosco's balloon, so it landed on water. Then, Bosco ships gets driven by a huge whale, biting the Tutty's fishing pole. But luckily, Frog cuts the rope. Afterwards, Bosco crashes on a mysterious island, guarded by strong sea and wind currents. Apricot falls unconscious from the collision. Frog goes to explore the island, while Tutty and Otter go to find some medicine for Apricot. During that time, the Unicorn kidnaps the princess, because the Messenger promised him that Hoodman will take him away from this island if he obeys. In the meantime, Hoodman also reaches the other side of the island, to get the princess. 
11 "Zuuzuushii Yuniko-n" (ずうずうしいユニコーン)  December 16, 1986
Apricot escapes from the villains, while Tutty has an idea to use the Scorpion as counterbalance to raise the Bosco. The Messenger has the same idea, and he suggests Hoodman to use the Unicorn as his servant. When Unicorn gets trapped in cleft stick, Hoodman leaves him there. But, Apricot and Frog save him, wrapping his leg with Frog's scarf. Afterwards, both ships try to take off, using one another. Bosco gets stuck in cliffs, but Unicorn bravely separates the ship. He starts falling down, but with Apricot's words of encouragement he uses his wings and starts flying. Feeling grateful to friends, he explains that his family left him here to get independent. Rising currents raised the Bosco ship, so Frog cut the rope connecting two ships, resulting in Scorpion's crashing on the other side. Unicorn's relatives come for him, because he is now a grown up man. Apricot gives her scarf to Frog. 
12 "Kootta mura wo sukue! Setsugen no daitsuiseki" (凍った村を救え!·雪原の大追跡)  December 23, 1986
Hoodman frozes a mountain windmill that was sending the warm wind to a mountain village, resulting in no snow ever. Bosco reaches the village, already full of snow, and one family accepts them. Frog, Tutty and Otter go to check the windmill, while Hoodman throws a huge snowball on the family's house, trapping the princess and the girl inside. Apricots starts to freeze slowly. In the meantime, guys manage to bring the windmill in its previous state. Speak informs guys about Apricot, and they rush back to save her. Jack and Franz interrupt them in their way down to the village. In the end, they save the Apricot one again from the bad guys. 
13 "Yousei Apurikotto hime no sadame" (ようせいアプリコットひめのさだめ)  December 30, 1986
In the beginning, Hoodman visits Damia and Scorpion in Fountain land, to ask for a new ship. Back in Bosco, Ender reaches the crew. He informs Apricot of her destiny, and tells her that she will change shape by sitting on the throne before total eclipse. Apricot runs away from the crew, trying to find her own way to her homeland. She leaves a letter to her friends. After a long walk in the desert, she falls unconscious. Friends follow her trails, which lead to an enormous rock hill, the castle of evil lizards. 
14 "Tokage-jiro - Apuri kyuushutsu sakusen" (トカゲ城アプリ救出作戦)  January 05, 1987
Apricot is trapped in lizard Ogja's castle. Hoodman makes a deal with Ogja to exchange Frog for the princess, as he only wants her. Ogja accepts the deal. Meanwhile, friends try to find a way to enter the castle. Frog manages to enter the castle at night, and finds Apricot in a dungeon. They continue the discussion that they began the night before on lake, but Hoodman captures Frog and serves him to Ogja. But, Tutty and Ender save the princess and Frog in the last moment. The four use one of the catapults of the lizards to return to Bosco. Apricot says to Frog that she will never forget him and their voyage. 
15 "Utsushiki wan satsu ha Damia toujiau" (うつしきわんさつしゃダミアとうじょう)  January 12, 1987
Damia is finally allowed to participate in kidnapping the princess. She joins Hoodman and they plant a fire in the woods to attract the Bosco crew. They manage to put it down with the river water from their barrels. While they were refilling the barrels, an old helpless granny appears, and the crew agrees to help her. Frog, Tutty and Otter help the people from the village to fix their homes. Just as they reach the ship, Ender takes off leaving the friends behind, planning to return the princess by himself. Apricot almost jumps from the ship, demanding to be taken down. But what a surprise - old granny is no one else than Damia herself. She knocks Ender unconscious and takes over the ship, to the Forest of sleeping statues. 
16 "Nemuri no mori no daikonsen" (ねむりのもりのだいこんせん)  January 19, 1987
Damia has kidnapped Bosco, with princess and Ender. Friends wander around until they see Hoodman and his aides trying to fix the Scorpion. They agree to help Hoodman but only if he agrees on allowing them to catch the Damia with him. The treacherous Hoodman says yes, but after the friends help them with the repairs, Jack and Franz tie them up. Princess and Ender manage to jump from Bosco, into the Sleeping forest (ねむりのもり), full of stone statues that were once human. Damia orders her soldiers to catch them. Meanwhile, Hoodman attacks Damia. She manages to return one rocket and Scorpion falls to the ground. Then her soldiers, with help of Hoodman and Jack and Franz, construct a platform with the ending in special liquid that turns human beings into those rock statues. First comes Ender, then comes Apricot. Tutty follows, but because of his shell he manages to jump across the kettle, and grab the statue of the princess. Using the opportunity, Frog and Otter throw Damia's soldiers into the kettle and pour some over the Hoodman, Jack and Franz. They take off with Bosco, and grab Damia's antidote and sparkle it all over the Sleeping forest, turning all the statues back into life. Friends heal Apricot, and take a small picnic, keeping Ender as a statue just for a little longer. 
17 "Nise mono ha dare da?" (ニセはダレダ?)  January 26, 1987
Bosco is situated on a river bank. Damia spies on them from a nearby hill and prepares an intelligent fraud with her accomplices. Damia launchs rocket for Hoodman, so he can know where is Bosco. Hoodman attacks Bosco with the same bombs he attacked them with when they drifted on ocean. Friends decide to pull the ship deeper into the forest, using ropes and Bosco's landing wheels. After seeing that their bombs explode too early, Hoodman decides to lower his ship down a bit, even though Franz warns them that the forest is rather thick and that they could crash into the trees. Hoodman doesn't follow the advice, and eventually the Scorpion crashes into woods. Friends board the ship. Aboard ship, Ender manages to make friends believe that Frog works secretly for Damia, so Tutty and Otter tie him up and lock him beneath the ship. Bosco approaches a mountain lake. Driving through thick fog, friends don't notice that a huge spiderweb is in front of them, so they get into it. A huge spider-like machine rises from lake and starts climbing on the web. The masks are finally taken off - Ender is actually Damia, disguised as him. She kidnaps Apricot and takes her to the vehicle, controlled by her trusty friend Nicola. Tutty and Otter untie Frog and he tries to save Apricot. Hoodman approaches, too, and starts attacking Damia. Hoodman's ship eventually crashes, previously setting Bosco free from the web, which lands undamaged onto the shore. Frog tries to save Apricot, but spider goes underwater, to the bottom of the lake. 
18 "Kotei no sensui kan dai sensou" (こていのせんすいかんだいせんそう)  February 2, 1987
Apricot is trapped in a submersible controlled by Damia and Nicola. Tutty and Otter construct a special vehicle - just like Hoodman and his aides. Frog also constructs his vehicle, and then they go down to save Apricot. In the meantime, real Ender appears. Messenger has brought another spider-like vehicle. Speak manages to stop his plans. Apricot manages to untie her, and release herself into the water in an air balloon. Hoodman, Damia and Tutty and Otter fight for her. In the battle, her balloon explodes. But Frog manages to save her. Damia and Hoodman's ships collide with each other, resulting in a huge blast. Friends rencounter with Ender. 
19 "Nazo no mizu nashi oukoku" (なぞのみずなしおうこく)  February 9, 1987
20 "Mizu mizu daisensou" (みず·ミズ·大戦争)  February 16, 1987
21 "Apurikotto no ketsui" (アプリコットの決意)  February 25, 1987
Crew visit the Ender's village, destroyed by a huge black storm. Ender stays with his friends to defend the remains of his village, and the crew luckily manages to escape the storm. They see Fountain land, from a nearby mountain, and Apricot once again promises to herself that she will bring it back as it was. 
22 "Koreyuku oukyuu - Bosuko gou daiha!" (枯れゆく王宮 ボスコ号大破!)  March 2, 1987
Apricot and Frog decide to go down to Fountainland using delta planes. Damia's soldiers are everywhere, blocking up roads, with heavy artillery. A runaway boy comes to Apricot, and recognizes her. He diverts soldiers' attention from them, but Apricot cannot leave him alone in the streets so she convinces Frog to help her save him. But soldiers surround them eventually. Frog sends out a rocket message to Tutty, who sees the sign using binoculars. In the same time, Hoodman comes, and, jealous as he is, he decides to attack Damia's soldiers and take Apricot. But, he accidentally crashes into a nearby pallace. Apricot and Frog manage to escape on Bosco. But, angry Damia orders soldiers to catapult Bosco ship. With Bosco being exposed to heavy rocks, Apricot turns on turbo speed system which bursts the ship out of town. Tutty loses control over ship, so they crash into mountains. 
23 "Kuroi suto-mu no kyoufu" (黒いストームの恐怖)  March 9, 1987
Bosco has crashed into mountains. Apricot dreams about her mother. In a moment, they see Fountainland all perfect as it was before. But in the next, we're back in reality - the dried up land. Apricot wakes others up. Scorpion forbids Damia to interfere any further. Hoodman and his aides are working in the mines beneath the city. Messenger transfers to him the good news about his possible come back, a new chance from Scorpion. Bosco crew fix the ship. Apricot helplessly watches dark storm drying up the rest of greenery. Soon, friends from Bosco forest and other allies arrive to help. Scorpion arrives, and friends start attacking them. But tricky Hoodman raises a white flag. Promising her a ride to Fountainland where she won't be noticed, he manages to deceive the princess. She is abducted once again, but luckily Frog manages to get on the ship in the last moment. 
24 "Ummei no nichi akuma suko-pion to no tsuiketsu" (運命の日 悪魔スコーピオンとの対決)  March 16, 1987
Apricot surrendered herself to Hoodman. Frog catches the ship and remains hidden until they reach Fountainland. Then he hides in the boxes which are a present for His Majesty from Hoodman. Damia takes control of the princess and brings her to His Majesty. He tells her he is a monster who eats other planets. This one he started to dry out because he hated water. Princess cried and said that tomorrow she will bring the water back, but His Majesty turned into a horrible creature - a Scorpion! He attacked her, but Frog managed to reach the throne room and save her. They both get lost in the labyrinth beneath the castle. Hoodman and his aides saw the real face of His Majesty too, and they ran away. Damia is confused and doubtful - she is not sure if she can trust His Majesty any more. She meets with Frog and Apricot but Hoodman gets in her way so she loses them. Scorpion tells her that they will get killed in the depths anyhow. Tutty and Otto reach the Fountainland. Less than twenty hours remain to the total eclipse. Apricot and Frog are surrounded by the black servants of Scorpion. 
25 "Hashire, Furoku - Taiyou no yubiwa no hi wa kita!" (走れフローク 太陽の指環の日は来た!)  March 23, 1987
Tutty and Otto reach the Fountainland and land near the temple. Running from black worms Apricot and Frog get deeper into the caves. Scorpion tells Damia that he will take care of Apricot and Frog. Tutty and Otto get captured by Hoodman. But, they manage to trick him in taking them down beneath the castle - Tutty tells him that there is a hidden gold in the depths of Fountainland. Apricot and Frog find a secret mine where villagers from the town are working like slaves to burry the Well of Life. By that time Speak gathered all creatures from Fountainland, Bosco forest and other good guys and started a rebellion. Damia isn't sending her soldiers to help Scorpion's, as she isn't sure yet what are his further plans. Hoodman reached the Well of Life after falling with his aides through a hole. Otto and Tutty, who has tied ropes to pillars to remember the way back, also made it to the Well. Hoodman started a rebellion there between the workers. They attacked the soldiers and ran away to help the other ones who are fighting outside. Apricot, Frog, Tutty and Otter led the group inside. There are only ten minutes left until the eclipse. 
26 "Apuri henshin - Yomigaeru ka inochi no izumi" (アプリへんしん·よみがえるかいのちのいずみ)  March 30, 1987
The stone pillar has already risen up, without the princess. Apricot hurries and starts climbing it to make it on time of the full eclipse. His Majesty turns into the Scorpion once again. Damia flees, for now. Frog attacks the Scorpion and grabs one of his scales, but Scorpion knocks him down. Apricot continues climbing the pillar. Damia takes the Scorpion ship and her soldiers and start attacking the monster. The monster destroys the ship and kills most of the soldiers, but Damia survives. Tutty and Otto move the Bosco ship closer to Frog and lower him a rope. Scorpion knocks the princess down to the half of the pillar. But Ender appears and gives her back the strength to go on. Frog continues attacking the monster. The big Dragon comes and helps Frog to stop the Scorpion. Apricot finally climbs the throne. The beams raise her from the pillar. She gives Frog her necklace. The water emerges and Hoodman and his aides run away from the Well. Apricot is levitating on the top of the water pillar. The Fountainland transforms back in its original look. Bosco lands. Speak tries to touch the princess but the energy throws him back. He becomes a living bird, not a robot anymore. The water descends and the princess disappears. But, she returns just for a moment to say good-bye to her friends. The water kills the black worms. Hoodman, Jack, Franz, Damia and the Messenger start searching for a new life. Ender says that Frog, Tutty and Otter are the knights of Fountainland. Everyone returns to their homes, and all animals from Bosco forest set off to a long journey back. During the flight, princess Apricot appears for the last time to say to the crew that she will always be with them. 


Background music in Bosco Adventure varies from colorful and cheerful, to moody, nostalgic and sentimental, with typical Japanese sounds. It has variety of cues, for every situation and place which crew visits (Sleeping Giant, Oasis, Ocean...) Several cues repeat throughout the episodes, depending on the situation. Songs that were released on Bonus Disc as a part of DVD are: Tokimeki wa Forever (ときめきはForever, opening song, sung by Noriko Hidaka), Hareta hi nimo ai wo kudasai (はれたひにもあいをください, closing song, also sung by Noriko Hidaka), Kara Kara Makkura (カラカラまっくら, sung by voice actors that gave voice to Hoodman, Jack and Franz) and Bosco Adventure (ボスコアドベンチャー, sung by voice actors that gave voice to Apricot, Frog, Tutty and Otter).

Releases outside Japan

  • Bulgaria, as "Приключенията на Боско" (Prikliucheniata na Bosko - The adventures of Bosco) showed from end of may/start of June to December 8 in 1991 on BNT (Kanal 1)
  • Cameroon, Egypt, France, as "Les aventures du Bosco". In Cameroon on Manga in 1992, in Egypt on Egyptian Channel 3 in early 90's, in France on La Cinq in 1990. Note that in Egypt it wasn't dubbed in Arabic, as only the French dub aired on Egyptian Channel 3 in the early 90's, when there was a partnership between the Egyptian networks and the French network.
  • Canada, as "La Forêt Magique", in the early 90's on TVA, a french-language network based in Montreal, PQ.
  • Estonia, as "Bosco Seiklused", in 1996.
  • Hungary, as "A Bosco léghajó kalandjai", shown on TV channel Msat and released on VHS by Tower Video with two episodes/volume.
  • Israel, as "Havurat Hatzav Hameofef", shown on the Israeli Channel 1.
  • Italy, as "La principessa dai capelli blu" (approx. Blue-haired princess), transmitted on Italia 1 in 1988.
  • Poland, as "Przygody Bosco".
  • Russia, Latvia, as "Приключения Боско" (Prikljuchenija Bosko). In Russia, only last ten episodes were shown on RTR in 1991. In Latvia, the same Russian-dubbed version was twice aired by KS Video channel in 1993 and 1994 (only episodes 17-25 were shown, with the last one being dropped both times).
  • South Korea, as "날아라 거북선" on KBS in 1987.
  • Spain, Mexico, Chile, as "Las aventuras de la nave Bosco"
  • Yugoslavia, as "Plava Princeza" (Blue princess), shown on TV Novi Sad in 1991. Overall, sixteen episodes were shown, first twelve and the last four.



The illustrator boki.b created the official 22nd anniversary illustration for the international audience.

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