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Flag of Botswana
Flag of Botswana
ICC membership granted 2001
ICC member status Associate Member
ICC development region Africa
World Cricket League division Seven
World Cricket League Africa Region division Two
Captain Tshepo Mhozya
Coach Sulaman Chotia
First recorded match 2 September 2002 v Zambia at Lusaka, Zambia
As of 8 August

The Botswana national cricket team is the team that represents the country of Botswana in international cricket matches. They have been an associate member of the International Cricket Council since 2005, after previously being an affiliate member since 2001.[1] They are in Division Five of the World Cricket League[2] and are ranked at joint 29th in the world by the ICC, the 5th highest ranked non-test team in the African region.[3]



Cricket was started in the country by expatriates from South Africa and the Indian subcontinent.[4] Botswana was elected to the ICC as an affiliate member in 2001,[1] and played in the Africa Cup in Zambia the following year. After winning all their first round matches against Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, they beat Kenya in the semi-final before losing by 270 runs to South Africa in the final.[5]

In March 2004, they won the African affiliates qualifying tournament for the 2005 ICC Trophy, qualifying them for the next stage of qualification, the Africa Cricket Association Championships. They beat Nigeria and Tanzania in that tournament in Zambia in August, finishing fourth, thus missing out on qualification for their first ICC Trophy.[6] They were rewarded for their performance in this tournament by being promoted to associate membership of the ICC in 2005.[1]

In 2006, they took part in Division Two of the African region of the World Cricket League, finishing second behind Tanzania.[7] This qualified them for Division Five of the World Cricket League.[2]

In May 2008, Botswana travelled to Jersey to take part in the Division Five tournament. Although Botswana beat the Bahamas in Group B, it was their only group stage win and with three loses and one match abandoned due to rain they failed to make the semi-finals. Botswana finished sixth overall after defeating Germany but losing to Singapore in positional playoff matches. With only the top two from this tournament qualifying for Division Four in Tanzania later in the year, Botswana missed out on the chance to take their 2011 World Cup dream any further.[8]

In October 2008, Botswana took part in Division Two of the African region of the World Cricket League, finishing unbeaten and winning the tournament. This victory promoted them to Division One of the Africa Region, however the date and venue for this tournament is still to be determined.[9]

In August 2009, Botswana travelled to Singapore to participate in Division Six of the World Cricket League. Despite being competitive in most of their games, Botwana won only one of five group matches and finished fifth after beating Norway in a positional playoff.[10]

Tournament History


World Cricket League Africa Region

  • 2006: Division Two Runners-up[11]
  • 2008: Division Two Winners[9]

World Cricket League


Current squad

The following list contains the 14 players in Botswana's squad for the 2009 ICC World Cricket League Division Six
  • Omar Ali
  • Tshepo Mhozya
  • Karabo Modise
  • Mosa Gaolekwe
  • Faisal Rana Rasheed
  • Gaolape Mokokwe
  • Denzil Sequeira
  • Karan Kapoor
  • Abdul Patel
  • Indika Perera
  • James Moses
  • Shah Zaib Khan
  • Taroesh Trivedi
  • Noor Ahmad
  • Vanesh Seganathirajah

Solly Chotia Coach

Ahmed Fazal Sheriff Manager


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